Plasma 5.13 has launched

Plasma is now faster and sleeker; gives you more control, letting you stop, start, rewind and silence video and audio playing in browsers from the desktop, open and close vaults from KDE Connect, and easily configure external monitors; and is more beautiful, incorporating fast blurs and transparencies into windows, and improving the icon integration.

Check out the announcement at

And more images at

@kde oh please please tell me that this is what Neon has been waiting for and that an upgrade to Bionic is right around the corner 🤞

@ron Yeah, here's hoping. I have a VM with Debian 9 so I can continue use my gpg keys, software in Xenial is so outdated it can't handle them, and I don't dare trust them to a PPA.

That sounds painful. I'm using Arch at work and Antergos at home. Arch way more stable that people say.

@ron Yeah, I guess. Haven't messed with Arch in a while to be honest so maybe I will try it out again. I've mostly used Debian, took a leap of faith with Neon because I wanted to try out a proper KDE desktop. Feels like I have used Gnome forever.

As far as I can remember, the base repo for Arch was too restrictive, so I had to go into AUR for software. And my base impression of AUR was "here be dragons" 😃

@espen I don't worry about AUR too much. I just check the PKGBUILD before running it so that the source parameter looks legit. Feels more transparent than PPAs. I'm surprised to hear that you felt the repos we restrictive though. I feel like they have a lot. Can you remember some of the stuff that was missing for you?

@ron Maybe restrictive is the wrong word. Both Arch and Debian repos probably contain the usual suspects, but for some software I can easily get .deb packages.

I can't remember any specifics as it has been a while, but usually the first things I try to get for a new system is the Spotify client and Nvidia drivers. I probably also tried to install Steam at one point, so I guess it was one of those three.

Like I said, it's been a while so might be time to revisit.

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