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Become a Plasma productivity wiz! Use the Plasma keyboard shortcut cheatsheet to get the most out of KDE's Plasma desktop.

Created by u/wael_ch. Original at

Don't miss Jonathan Riddell talking about KDE on's FLOSS Weekly show. This afternoon at 16:30 UTC.

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More convergent apps built with MauiKit.

The Strike IDE is an integrated development environment for CMake-based projects.

Sol is a convergent web browser utilizing QtWebEngine.

@LateNightLinux is back with more KDE news, covering:

- the Plasma 5.22 video
- the need for Bug Triaging
- Akademy
- /u/wael_ch/'s cool cheatsheets
- and Dart/Flutter support for Kate

+ lots of other really interesting stuff.

Coming up at : Jeri Ellsworth, maker extraordinaire, self-taught chip designer, and builder of Augmented Reality systems for tabletop games will be telling us about her "Journey from Farm Girl to Holograms". Watch it live in 20 minutes:

Day 3 of is in full swing, but, in case you missed Day 2, here's a summary of what went on yesterday regarding talks, lightning talks, and panels:

Patricia Aas can't work like this! Let’s know the reason in the keynote session.

We go live in 30 minutes.

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is starting today! All of the talks (Saturday, Sunday, Friday) can be joined in our Akademy Matrix rooms. For more details visit

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Attending #Akademy2021 tomorrow? Interested in learning more about Collabora? Don't miss our virtual office hour, hosted by our Senior Project Manager, Alvaro Soliverez! 12:30 pm UTC, see you there! #ProudSponsor #Linux #KDE

Good morning! We are ready to get started at with training sessions. Join us and visit

: Where to watch and how to participate:

Includes links and instructions to help you join channel rooms (already active) and video feeds

begins tomorrow! Akademy training sessions will take place on 18 June and the talk sessions on 19, 20 and 25 June.

Don’t forget to register:

KDE's goals of "All About the Apps", "Consistency" and "Wayland" are progressing at full speed. Catch up with what's going on with each at :

Did you know that even software has an impact on our environment? Learn how KDE is working to become more sustainable with Cornelius Schumacher at .

Something else Plasma 5.22-related that has just been released: The Official Video. Check it out:

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Plasma 5.22.1 is here and it brings a week's worth of updates and bugfixes, making the already EXQUISITE desktop experience of Plasma 5.22 even better. Find out more here:

Don't miss 's training sessions this Friday! Check out the complete list at

and choose what you want to learn about.

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