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Plasma Beta Review Day on Thursday, September 24: You too can join the Plasma team live and help get Plasma 5.20 ready for release!

KDE's 2019 yearly report is out. Includes a comprehensive list of activities, a breakdown of what changed and the goals we set, and the all-important financial report πŸ’°.

You can support KDE activities throughout the year by becoming a supporting member of the KDE e.V.:

Or by making a one-time donation ➑️

This Week in KDE - The Week Everything Happened: Announcing the new Plasma wallpaper, improved smooth scrolling in Okular, improved graphic performance on Wayland, and so much more.

This Week in KDE - The Week Everything Happened: Touch support for Dolphin, Plasma starts up faster and safer, Elisa sidebar is now collapsible on mobile, and so much more.

Plasma 5.20 Beta is out! Help KDE test the new features and improvements that will go into the final version to be released on October 13.

CAUTION: Contains untested beta software! Do not use as your main work environment!

LabPlot, KDE's graphical data analysis app, releases version 2.8. In this version: More than 2000 documented datasets, better support for Jupyter notebooks and new plotting capabilities such as reference lines and image elements, among many other things.

Kontrast is the new KDE application that will help you pick the best (and most accessible) color combo for you site/app.

The history of Kdenlive in 3 minutes 30 seconds: What is it? When did it start? What challenges has it overcome? A fascinating look at how a major FLOSS project evolves.

Season of KDE call for mentors is now open. If you want to help people get started contributing to Free Software, check out the instructions and links here:

KDE Frameworks 5.74 is here with new breeze icons, a faster KTextEditor and many fixes to KIO.

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@kde I blogged in more details about this new web portal here:

tl;dr it's going to be awesome 😎

#kde #documentation

K-Developers rejoice! KDE's new developers' web portal is designed especially for you.

Also check out the documentation to get you started, with new tutorials coming soon:

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Calindori 1.2 is out, the first stable release as a KDE application.

If you are running Linux on mobile you will probably find it useful. But you can also use it on desktop, since it is based on Kirigami, the KDE Framework for mobile and convergent desktop.

To everyone who attended this year, thank you! We cannot wait to catch up again next month for the Post-Akademy meet-up on 31 October. Come ready with some Halloween gear and project updates! You can register here:

Also, check out the Akademy 2020 Final day - Conference Recap: BoFs, Students, and a warm Farewell

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The time has come for to end. Join us to recap with friends, find out who will get this year's awards, and close out this year with a bang!
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Here is a message from our third and final wonderful keynote speaker, Valorie Zimmerman! Join her in 15 minutes at ! For more program information visit

In 15 minutes the final BoF wrap-up will begin. Please join us to talk about all of the great things you have done this week. For more program information visit
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Let's have a vision of the future at in 30 minutes. For more information visit
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Where is knowledge? Let's find out at in 30 minutes. For more information visit
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