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For those cautiously sticking to 18.04, our previous Long-Term Support release: 18.04.5 is out now! More a matter of semantics if you've got an existing install, as there's nothing you need to do then other than apply updates as usual, but for fresh installs (although of course we recommend 20.04 for maximum freshness!) you'll now see 18.04.5 images are available to download.

Connect with people from around the world and learn new things at . There is still time to register! Sign-up now and check out the program. We can’t wait to see you there!

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@kde Amazing. The upgrade was incredibly easy. Love you guys

KDE neon, the installable KDE Linux with continuous integration and deployment, has migrated its base to Ubuntu 20.04 Long Term Support. Upgrade now and enjoy KDE's bleeding edge software with a new, modern rock-solid base.

Lays Rodrigues will be talking about @atelier (, KDE's software for managing 3D printers, at ConFloss ( Lays talk will be broadcast online on August 22 at 13:30 local time (UTC-3):

This week in KDE: window thumbnails on Wayland, darken inactive terminals in Konsole, “About” page in Plasma applets, and more, much more.

Training for the program is still being finalized but there is still loads of talks, workshops, and BoFs in store for you. Check it out and don't forget to register!

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20.04.1 has been released! If you were waiting on the first point release before upgrading to our current Long-Term Support version, now's the time :) Users on 18.04 should see upgrade notifications soon™.

Kdenlive will get a workspace functionality in its next release. Alexandre Prokoudine explains how they can make you more productive in your video editing work.

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Clone my workstation! Update of my guide to install my 100% Free/Libre and Open-Source operating system and tools. "Kubuntu Linux 20.04 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide":
#kubuntu #kde #linux #krita #digitalart

The Linux App Summit goes online in November. Call for papers is now open, so come and tell us about your project!

1 month left till begins online. Have you registered yet? Let us know in the comments and tell us what you are most looking forward to!

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@LateNightLinux episode 95 covers the following topics in its KDE Korner:

* New Slimbook & Nate got one too

* Kdenlive Tutorials & Coming in Kdenlive in August: Modes

* DigiKam becomes sentient

* Wayland improvements coming to Plasma 5.20

Listen to it here:

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After two days scrolling through how-to for KDE plasmoid written over the years, I finally get my QML/C++ skeleton set up! Alarm/Clock applet for Kclock soon!

This Week in KDE -- "Show and Tell" edition: MP4 videos show embedded cover art, Discover shows updates for add-ons installed via the "Get New [Thing]" windows and the Task Manager shows a better grouping of subtasks.

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Take a look at the program with all of the awesome talks, workshops, and BoFs in store for you. And don't forget to register!

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@kde By the way, if people are reading this and bothered by the shortcut change:

1. There was a really good reason behind the change:
2. The behavior was and is still configurable (System Settings → Window Management → Windows Actions tab → change Modifier key)

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