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Cantor, KDE's user-friendly interface to your favorite mathematical applications, gets better support for plugins and improved Markdown and LaTeX implementations in Applications 19.08, allowing you to perform calculations and visualisations like these:

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It's pretty amazing that you can develop an app using KDE's libraries in KDE's IDE, have wonderful artists make your project artwork in KDE's painting app and edit a video about it all in KDE's video editor. The number of organizations that could tell the same story can be counted on one hand. The scope of what the #KDE community does is stunning.

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It's our birthday today! We are now the wise age of 22. πŸ˜‹ Join us in reminiscing these past years by sharing some of your favorite GNOME memories!

Also check out the the Applications 19.08 video for a quick break down of the most prominent new features:

KDE Applications 19.08 is out and it comes with exciting new features for Konsole (terminal app), Dolphin (file and directory explorer), Kdenlive (video editor), Okular (document viewer) and dozens of other apps.

KDE's Applications webpage now lists addons so you can find out about Latte Dock, KIO GDrive, KDE Connect and a bunch of other useful plugins we make.

KDE developers have fixed the bug that allowed the execution of potentially malicious code. The update is already in neon and will appear in your distro shortly.

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...and a better Krita sprint 2019 group picture from yesterday evening (CC-By). All names or IRC nicknames will probably be written later on a blog post (on Today, we will do sketches at a museum, we are on the bus!

There is a vulnerability in the Plasma desktop that KDE developers are currently working to patch. The details are here.

For the moment avoid downloading .desktop or .directory files and extracting archives from untrusted sources.

Also, if you discover a similar vulnerability, it is best to send an email before making it public. This will give us time to patch it and keep users safe before the bad guys try to exploit it.

Today's release of our IDE KDevelop 5.4 adds Meson build system, Scratchpad and many improvements and fixes. Get the AppImage now!

KDE e.V. is opening today its Trusted IT Consulting Firms directory. The directory helps organizations and businesses find companies that will support them in their use of KDE software, whether it is for training, migrating, squashing specific bugs, adding new features to KDE applications, or for implementing a KDE-based technologies into their IT framework.

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Today we announce our joint collaboration with @kde on #LinuxAppSummit
and building an application ecosystem.

Join us in Barcelona Nov 12-14th, 15th a BoF day!

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@kde @gnome

Linux App stores, payments, donations, universal software packages, mobile phones, raspberry pi & friends, millions of users to reach with apps and services, ...

I'm very excited about this conference and I'm really lucky is in my city, Barcelona!

I'll be there with the local team helping to make it happen. Come and join us!

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Thrilled to have the Linux community over for ! Waiting impatiently!! πŸ₯³ @kde @gnome

The Linux App Summit is coming to Barcelona in November! KDE and @gnome join forces to create a strong, free and open app ecosystem.

Week 81 of the KDE Usability & Productivity project brings you a modernized look and feel for settings windows, completely re-written code for widget positioning, and pretty icons for Discover.

Plasma Mobile under construction: screenshots of the latest work, taken from a Nexus 5X running the edge image.

Thanks @dimitrisk for the heads up.

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My revamp of the Plasma page is progressing with a new section about KDE Connect. Preview available at: #plasma #floss-promo #kde

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