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T-shirts are for everyone, whether attending online or in person. Grab your T-shirt now!

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Akademy is finally back in person with full of exciting talks and activities. Check out some of the intriguing topics in 's schedule:

This week in KDE: Easier Samba sharing setup, Plasma Timer applet received a big overhaul and many improvements in screen and monitor management.

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Enjoy messaging using Rocket.Chat? KDE has an app for that: try Ruqola. Version 1.7.3 just out!

The wait is over: schedule is now live! You can find out about all the programmed talks here:

Ready to go! The KDE booth at Scale19x is open for business! Come visit and find out all about the newest Plasma features and apps.

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Continuamos con los #LinuxConnexion de verano de la mano de @baltolkien, miembro de @KDE_Espana , divulgador de @kdecommunity a través de su blog @KDE_Blog.
Una charla muy entrañable y cercana.

🌍 Web:
🎙 Feed:

Live demos of Plasma and KDE apps, kool merch, get to try out the latest on the PinePhone Pro... All this and more at KDE's booth at Scale19x from 28 to 31 July. Don't miss it!

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Registration is Open!

Join either in person or online from Saturday 1st - Friday 7th October. Find more details here:

Akademy is free to attend however you need to register to reserve your space.

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It's Day one of #GUADEC2022 and talks are starting! Join us online or in-person, more details, links, and the full schedule are available here:

#GUADEC #opensource

In California at the end of July? Come visit the KDE booth at ! Get to know the crew, pick up some cool stickers, and try out some of our latest versions of Plasma and apps.

Plus get 50% off the ticket by using the “KDE” promo code!

KDE is supporting ! 's annual contributor conference will be held online from Thursday August 4th and run until Saturday August 6th.

Find out about everything going on at Fedora and register now!:

will be a hybrid event, in Barcelona & online from Saturday 1st - Friday 7th October 2022. You can know more about KDE's annual event by subscribing to our mailing list, following us on Twitter, or visiting our Facebook and LinkedIn event pages.

Check out for more information

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Enclose and Fill Tool
A feature made by Deif Lou and coming soon in Krita 5.1

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