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Join the Plasma Mobile Sprint - Learn to Code for Mobile Platforms

As part of our online sprint (, we want to make it easier for new contributors to start developing Plasma Mobile by providing online training.

I you're interested in learning about app development with Kirigami, testing Plasma Mobile applications on your Android phone, and developing phone functionality, tell us when can join here so we can plan the sessions:

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#Kdenlive will be getting GPU effects back. Movit just received a huge batch of fixes in MLT. (NB still experimental but it works.)

The KDE Free Qt Foundation is currently negotiating with The Qt Company and updates will be released as new developments arise.

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Regarding the situation with the Qt Company, KDE relies on the KDE Free Qt Foundation to always seek the most beneficial outcome for all Free Software developers and advocates. Read more at

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#Throwback to to-do list during our first ever #PlasmaMobile sprint in 2019 as we come close to our first-ever virtual sprint.. 😊

Want to suggest new tasks for our virtual sprint? Or want to help move tasks to "Done" column?

Head over to

@kaidan , KDE's multiplatform instant messaging app for Jabber and other XMPP services, reaches version 0.5. New features include recording and sending audio and video and searching for contacts and messages.

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#KDE Frameworks 5.68 is out with many small fixes and visual improvements for icons.

Thank you to all contributors for making my free #Linux desktop look great besides MacOS and Windows.

This week in KDE: copying to and from Samba share 50 to 95% faster, choose what directories you want to index, defined headers for notifications, and many more improvements and bugfixes.

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Delivery arrived a few days ago. Now waiting for the weekend and @kde Big Screen. 🙂

#kdeplasma #bigscreen #raspberrypi #mycroftai

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@kde You can also participate live in the upcoming online mini-sprint that will take Plasma Mobile to version 1.0. Check out the details here:

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KDE and @gnome
are grassroots non-profit communities that work all year to improve everybody's life through Free Software. You too can help bring joy to millions by supporting us, joining our communities or just using our software and telling others about it.


We are happy you enjoyed the joke (and if you missed it, you can still visit's landing page), but KDE and @gnome
are even happier you enjoy our software.

@gnome 's Executive Director, Neil McGovern, says: " We see ending desktop fragmentation as the key to Linux success. Feeling united and utterly bored in these hard times also contributed to our decision to merge both projects."

@AleixPol , President of KDE e.V., says: "A joint conference was only the beginning. KNOME, QTK3, Lollyrok... the possibilities for shared development are now limitless"

@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

We have recently discovered that this entry was created using proprietary software. We are sad to say that this is against the rules of the competition, which means we have had to disqualify the entry and delete the video.

We talked to the creator and found that they made an honest mistake by unintentionally misinterpreting the rules. They are okay with the decision and are happy to continue contributing to KDE in the future.

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