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Order your T-shirt now! It’s just €25 (including worldwide shipping). Place your order before 28 July & wear your shirt for Akademy’s kickoff on 4 September!

Today KDE releases a bugfix update to KDE Plasma 5, versioned 5.19.3. This release adds a fortnight's worth of new translations and fixes that are typically small, but important to improve your overall experience with Plasma.

This week in KDE: Dolphin and Konsole get "Copy location" options, people using High DPI scale factors get fixes for their desktops, KRunner captures your typing faster, and many more good things go into Plasma.

KDE boosted needs #krita artists to interview! Teens, kids, and people making animations especially invited.

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: Miss desktop cubes and wobbly windows? Open "System Settings" ➡️ "Workspace Behavior" ➡️ "Desktop Effects" and discover a treasure trove of fancy desktop eye candy.💡

is set to begin online on September 4th, only 2 months away. Sign-up today to get all of the updates!

Designed by starline / Freepik

KDE has migrated to GitLab! Most projects are now hosted on KDE's own GitLab instance located at

Read more about how it went and what it means for you at

Here's GitLab's blog post with more details on the move:

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@kde By the way, helping to translate KDE is a good way to get involved with the project.

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KDE's application webpage listing all the official applications from the @kde community is now available in more languages.

Here is the french version:

registration is open and waiting for you. Sign-up today and keep a look out for more updates coming soon.

Image Credit:

Version 5.19.2 of KDE's Plasma desktop is out. This version brings a series of incremental improvements and bugfixes that will make your experience with Plasma smoother and more enjoyable.

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Tons of features and fixes arrive in Plasma 5.19. Spectacle, KDE's screenshot tool, gets a timer on Wayland; KRunner can open search results in private/incognito windows; the Digital Clock widget’s calendar pop-up has been streamlined, and much more.

The schedule for is on its way! Look out for more updates coming soon.
If you submitted a talks proposal, you will be contacted by June 30th. If you have any questions about the CfP, please check

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@Krita Peertube link for the release notes:

(seems unboostable right now because I just changed the visibility and that hasn't propagated yet -_- )

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And we've got a new feature release! Krita 4.3.0 is out for Linux, Windows, MacOS and as a beta still, for Android:

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