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This month:
* Command & Conquer
* How-To : Python (@ThePSF@twitter.com), @freeplane@twitter.com , and @darktable_org@twitter.com
* Graphics : Inkscape
* @UBports@twitter.com Devices: OTA-8
* My Opinion: GDPR Pt3
* Linux Loopback: BSD
* Interview: Simon Quigley (@LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com )

Lubuntu now has the full LXQt stack in our Jenkins instance: ci.lubuntu.me

The output, which has builds for both Cosmic and Disco, is available here: launchpad.net/~lubuntu-ci/+arc - don't enable this on production machines!

The next step is a Backports PPA.

RT @rikmills88: Thank you to the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board for granting me fuller access as a @ubuntudev with MOTU (Master Of The U… tweeted by @kubuntu

Destination Linux | Episode 113: "Tunnell Visions".

Topics this episode:

* Noah Checks Out the Open Compute Data Center
* Gnome 3.32 Released
* Sway 1.0 Released
* TLP 1.2 Out
* Firefox Send
* “I think I’ve made a mistake of getting into opensource”
* Valves Latest Game Loses It’s Players
* Lord of Dwarves

OBS! Zeb 2 SELF only about 500 bucks away! ==> destinationlinux.org/zebtoself

Here's the podcast ==> destinationlinux.org/episode-1
#DestinationLinux #podcast #MichaelTunnell #ZebToSELF @TuxDigital

We now have a Jenkins server running with daily builds of Calamares and the @LXQtOfficial@twitter.com stack for both Cosmic and Disco: ci.lubuntu.me/

The results of it are here: launchpad.net/~lubuntu-ci/+arc


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Seen this blueprint being shared around the internet. It's not official, not a thing we're doing. Just because someone made a blueprint, doesn't make it fact. blueprints.launchpad.net/ubunt

Thanks for 5,000 followers on Twitter! tweeted by @LubuntuOfficial

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I have to say i'm fairly impressed by the new LXQT on @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com Its quite awesome! QT ftw :)

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I had a computer that barely could handle simple Windows 10 programs; thanks to @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com now I have a new workstation!

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Im installing @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com one my other It needs a new version of a distro and I want to play with this based distro. One important + is that out of the box it properly controls my brightness buttons on this notebook.

AMD Radeon VII, Plasma 5.15, LibreOffice, Fedora, Flowblade, SystemRescueCd, & more on Episode 54 of @TuxDigital's @ThisWeekinLinux!


also on TWinL54: #RaspberryPi Retail Store, #Plasma Mobile #AMA, #GNOME 3.32 Beta, Redcore #Linux & much more!

Kodi 18, Firefox 65, Lutris, Linux Mint, Makulu, Alpine, Tails, Pine64, & more on Ep. 53 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL53: Akira, Olive Video Editor, LosslessCut, @System76 Darter Pro, @thepine64 PinePhone, PineTab, Pinebook Pro

#Linux @TuxDigital

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Upgrade from @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com 14.04 2016 installed, to 18.04 on my Asus Laptop. Done without internet, without problems.

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@LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com You guys just saved my netbook! 👍

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It's been a week since I installed @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com and I'm still loving it 👍😍

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LXQt 0.14.0 Desktop Environment Adds Split View in the File Manager, LXQt 1.0 Still in Development buff.ly/2DD58Fz @LXQtOfficial@twitter.com

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