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I had a computer that barely could handle simple Windows 10 programs; thanks to @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com now I have a new workstation!

RT @Radio_Azureus@twitter.com
Im installing @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com one my other It needs a new version of a distro and I want to play with this based distro. One important + is that out of the box it properly controls my brightness buttons on this notebook.

AMD Radeon VII, Plasma 5.15, LibreOffice, Fedora, Flowblade, SystemRescueCd, & more on Episode 54 of @TuxDigital's @ThisWeekinLinux!


also on TWinL54: #RaspberryPi Retail Store, #Plasma Mobile #AMA, #GNOME 3.32 Beta, Redcore #Linux & much more!

Kodi 18, Firefox 65, Lutris, Linux Mint, Makulu, Alpine, Tails, Pine64, & more on Ep. 53 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL53: Akira, Olive Video Editor, LosslessCut, @System76 Darter Pro, @thepine64 PinePhone, PineTab, Pinebook Pro

#Linux @TuxDigital

Shall be on Big Daddy Linux Live this evening, 9:00pm Eastern USA.
We shall be reviewing Parrot OS. Please watch us!
#BDLL #Linux #Parrot

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Upgrade from @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com 14.04 2016 installed, to 18.04 on my Asus Laptop. Done without internet, without problems.

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@LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com You guys just saved my netbook! 👍

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It's been a week since I installed @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com and I'm still loving it 👍😍

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LXQt 0.14.0 Desktop Environment Adds Split View in the File Manager, LXQt 1.0 Still in Development buff.ly/2DD58Fz @LXQtOfficial@twitter.com

This has now been uploaded to the 19.04 archives and should become available in the next 12 hours.

We are currently looking into backporting this stack into a PPA for 18.10 users, stay tuned!
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LXQt 0.14.0 has been released!


You don't want to miss this episode! Destination Linux EP105 - Bo Knows Hacking youtu.be/pgvFxsNZKck #linux #hacking

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A new beginning ... ⁦@LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com⁩

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Yesterday I installed @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com on my parents' old computer, and omg it has cute screensavers! Haven't seen it in years

At this time our translations service at translate.lubuntu.me is down, but we're working to resolve the issues.

In the meantime, if you would like to help with translations, upstream LXQt always needs more help! Check out their Weblate instance here: weblate.lxqt.org/

We have been receiving a lot of questions about the support length of Lubuntu 18.04 LTS after @sabdfl@twitter.com announced that Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be supported for 10 years through @Canonical@twitter.com. This does not change the support length of Lubuntu 18.04, which is supported until April 2021.

The latest release of Calamares, the universal Linux installer, has just hit Lubuntu Disco Dingo Alphas!

Full information about the release here: calamares.io/calamares-3.2.3-i

Grab it while it's hot: lubuntu.me/downloads/

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Saturday night fun. Installation of Lubuntu on my son’s desktop. Upgrade of Ubuntu on my data recovery drive. Updating my USB boot disks. @CSforAllTchrs@twitter.com

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Is there a better installer than Calamares in Lubuntu 18.10?

I think not! Custom xfs / on luks piece of cake.

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