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Cooking, soliciting recommendations, boosts are cool 

@float13 Wow, that looks really nice! Thank you for the link 🙂

Cooking, soliciting recommendations, boosts are cool 

@chebra @Vierkantor Thank you, that would be cool learning! Will take a look 👍

Cooking, soliciting recommendations, boosts are cool 

@Vierkantor Thank you: I love the idea of an engineer's take on cooking, so will definitely check it out!

re: Cooking, soliciting recommendations, boosts are cool 

@bkembo Perfect, thank you! I like the idea of knowing the why's of doing something :D

Cooking, soliciting recommendations, boosts are cool 

Is there like a cookbook/website focused on extreme beginners, which has really basic recipes for the obvious meals everyone's heard of, and focuses on the core recipe first and then explains what each ingredient is for?

I feel like every recipe requires too many things that I don't want to keep in stock, so it's be nice to have simple recipes that helped you start small and add fancier ingredients as you experiment.

@Dee I think my Grandma actually did keep a tree up for a whole year once, and just redecorated it for different holidays. Makes a lot of sense I think.

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The Chipmunks 

@ischade I had a lot of questions about their anthropomorphism vs. other animals in their universe, but that story seems to hint that it must have something to do with their transition from chipmunk food to human food... seems like an important clue :gatopensa:

The Chipmunks 

...seem to have no in-universe origin story, and this is bothering me.

holiday decor 

I was in the title office today and at my window there was stuck some stenciled holiday decor, but instead of a snowman or Santa or reindeer it was a hedgehog. A red hedgehog. Why a hedgehog?!? I don't know of any holiday story or tradition that includes a hedgehog, so why?!

And like, it's the title office, you can't really ask why and there probably isn't a good explanation. So I guess it will just haunt me for the rest of my life.

And they're on Etsy too!!?

Food appliances 

[microwave manufacturers]: Let's design number pads so hitting button x will automatically cook for x number of minutes so people only have to press one button!

[frozen dinner makers]: Let's make sure all our dinners have instructions to cook for x minutes plus 30 seconds so people always have to type out 3 digits :P

It's the year 2021, and you can't simultaneously delete non-consecutively selected columns in Excel.

(If it is a real music genre, it's currently drowned in search results by furniture companies selling steel bed frames.)

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You've got a lot of nerve to be naming a scripting language "Painless".

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@kazooboy Like much of modern software, it is optimized for space heating instead of energy saving.

Windows 11's File Explorer is very optimized and by optimized I mean it's melting my CPU trying to unzip a file.

Windows 11 

For a long time, whenever my Win11 laptop rebooted, it would always reset the volume to a barely-audible level, which I found quite annoying.

M$ seems to have fixed that, because last night it (automatically) rebooted for an update, and then reloaded all the web pages I had open... and then I woke up at 3 AM to hear a YouTube Music playlist going at full volume.

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