AND a Favorites folder and even an IE folder in C:\Program Files but... no iexplore.exe

Backwards compatibility is a strange thing.

Apparently a "headless" Windows Server Core install still creates a Desktop folder in the user profile πŸ€”

You know what I miss about Apple? They only sold two models of wireless routers (plus the Time Capsule). Small cheap one or fast expensive one, take your pick.

ASUS sells 32. Hopefully I can figure out if there's any meaningful difference between them πŸ˜’

(Also, open recommendations if someone has one they really like.)

@ischade @mdszy Yeah the snipers in those pics totally would've got me πŸ˜…

@mdszy From what their notification said, their goal was to increase accessibility since some people had trouble reading the old ones, so hopefully they'll be receptive to your input 😐

I'm not colorblind, but the old ones were easier for me to read too, so I wouldn't mind having an option to switch back.

:brain1: Get snippet of song stuck in your head and struggle to remember who sang it

:brain2: Google whatever lyrics you can remember

:brain3: Hum tune into Shazam

:brain4: Record your own version of the song and wait to see who sues you for copyright infringement

@yakkoj And I'll never forget the first time I learned that Visio doesn't have autosave turned on be default... 😀

Boss: Clone this server to an SSD.
ME: Sure!
Server: I'm using software RAID, so good luck with that :awesome:

@ischade Not financially ready to launch a startup πŸ˜… But I probably should try to contribute to some free software projects. Maybe I can start with that KDE Calligra Sheets CSV bug I found 😏

@Bluedepth It's a huge improvement over CMD.exe! πŸ˜‚

I do actually prefer PS's use of objects over bash's passing of text... It's different, but it does make many tasks easier.

Unfortunately, MS has neglected the original language in pursuit of PS Core, so there's still some broken, incomplete, or outright missing functionality.

But for all its quirks, it does make managing Windows systems much more bearable, so I try to take advantage of it when I can.

@Bluedepth Yep πŸ˜… Yeah, I've pretty well given up on "The Year of the Linux Desktop," but it's amazing how much Windows has a stranglehold on the server market as well. Alas, all these Windows desktop users started getting into IT and they can't configure anything without a GUI 😭

@XuZiShun That is a good idea! In the past, I've usually been intimidated about diving into development, since I feel like I'm better at being a sysadmin. But it would be valuable to have both skills, so that is something I'd like to try more of, pending time.

On a more humorous note, my laptop has mysteriously installed KB4494441 twice, so I must now be extra protected from Zombieload 🧟 πŸ˜…

The other depressing thing is that Linux and free software are really only usable by megacorps and lone hackers, but not the many small businesses in between. None of the customers I work with could benefit from Linux, even though saving money is a huge priority for them.

Which makes me wonder what I can do to level up my Linux skills when it's hard to get real world experience... or if I'll even make it to a place in my career where I can use them at all πŸ˜• How do people break into that field?

Regarding toot I previously boosted, I'm maturing more to this realization lately.

I work for an IT MSP that serves small businesses with <100 employees. I've had difficulty just pushing the basic idea of using dual servers/VMs for failover. I'm also the first to even try automation with PowerShell.

We aren't doing IT that is "cool," and we're not even doing IT that is "correct": we're just doing what it takes to keep clients running. And sadly, that's the best we can do.

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words of wisdom about who really works with hip new shiny: a minority. and I like to keep systems nice and simple in a way that they might as well run on 1984 infrastructure and environments.

@gudenau That would work too πŸ™‚ It just seems like it'd be a nice to manage directly through the Hyper-V console... so close yet so far away πŸ˜…

Though I'll give Microsoft credit, WinRM is so secure... it's basically unusable outside of certain contexts. I mean, who needs the beautiful simplicity of SSH? 😜

Has anyone actually tried running Samba as a domain controller for Windows PCs?

Or... just figured out how to remote manage Hyper-V on non-domain-bound PCs?

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