@clacke Every time FB Messenger (yeah, I know...) asks me to "rate the quality of my call," I wonder if I should rate it by the video/audio quality or the quality of the conversation, because they are often divergent :P

@ischade Yeah, in professional contexts that seems to be a common motivation, so it just makes it extra annoying 😑

Dear fellow co-workers,

We are now two weeks into January. You can stop wishing everyone a happy new year now. We get it already.

Last night my sleep cycle app recorded me talking in my sleep about how I sometimes talk in my sleep :gatopensa:

Feeling pretty proud of myself: I was listening to something on YT Music, and decided to switch it to radio mode for similar artists. But it just brought up more songs from my library, so I guess I'm the only person listening to this band, and I have defined the algorithm :awesome:

But why do we even *have* APIs?! They never actually *work*...

COVID adjacent 

@Dee I keep forgetting that too, and then naively assume people can't hear me muttering behind a mask.

Your preference

@tulpa Yeah, it's probably the price to be paid for having managed GUI configuration like that 😬 Pretty great if you're just coming from another OS, but pretty annoying for an experienced user making advanced configuration changes.

@tulpa I used it a little bit when I was younger and first getting into Linux, so part of me feels nostalgic for it. Looking back, it probably was a good starter distro in many ways, especially if you were coming off of Windows. Or maybe I just like green ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nowadays, the concept of using yast as a configuration manager scares me.

pest control 

Yesterday: [at the store, sees bug zapper] "That's cool, but I don't really need that right now."

Today: [repeatedly attacked by bugs inside my apartment]

Cooking, soliciting recommendations, boosts are cool 

@emacsen Cool! I usually watch YouTube while having dinner, so those will be great inspiration :D Thank you!

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