About to upload a YouTube video that's 10 hours of "How Many More Times" but only the part with the riff.

@mdszy OK, fine... a little CSS, just please please please no JavaScript.

@mdszy Yes!!! πŸ‘ That was my web design philosophy when I had my own blog up. Ain't no css was gonna slow down my page loading times 😝

(Only downside is that you don't get margins. I do like margins. But you can always resize your browser window, so...)


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My phone: hey incoming call from a number you don't know
Me: eh, if it's important they'll call again

*several hours later*

My phone: hey incoming call from that number again
Me: eh, if it's important they'll leave a message

@yakkoj For best results, do what my client today did and map about a dozen Office 365 accounts to it, then watch your .ost file explode πŸ’₯

A lawyer's office emailing tech support asking for legal advice? Yep, it's Monday πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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If I had ample capital, I would re-record all my favorite songs, just way... louder.

:duckduckgo: how to not insult someone for liking the song "all summer long" by kid Rock while still standing by your convictions


I forgot to toot this at the time, but Thursday night I'm pretty sure I was the only guy in Fort Lauderdale walking around singing "Blue Suede Shoes."


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Deciding that I need to learn how to relax more, then thinking I need to find a book or movie or some kind of tutorial on the subject, and then realizing that might be a manifestation of the problem :thonkan:


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