tropical storms 

Uh oh, they've formed a Bermuda Triangle o_O

Awww thanks KDE :blobheart:

(The password was asdf890- which I use on test systems because it's easy to type, and it is very good indeed.)

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Saw this ad on Distrowatch and went through some mental backflips trying to reconcile that this was advertising a fitness program and not a git repo hosting service.

Reference to political news from a decade ago 

Apparently in those days I had Bing as a homepage on Firefox 3.6, so here you can still see a shadow of what the Internet was like in the early 2010s:

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I had a really boring early morning class in college, so I was always playing these two games just to stay awake:

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Still dig this old background. For awhile it was very meaningful because I often virtualized Linux on Windows 😅

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I already flunked two college classes trying to learn this, so why not do it for fun:

Did someone seriously sit down and count how many times this song says "oh baby" and copy/paste it into the lyrics? :blobwoah:

Allusion to animal death 

Uhhhh.......................... :thonk:


Time to decide who will be my Valentine this year:

Wowww I did not know this was a thing. I can just see the conversation at Apple now...

Tim: "Couldn't we just make an Apple guitar pedal and sell it for a lot of money?"

Craig: "Tim, c'mon, you *can't* put a price on how funny it will be if people actually do this!"

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