So... I may be going through some major changes in my life that would open the possibility of randomly moving somewhere. But, seems like any place that has job opportunities is too expensive to live in, and vice versa. Has anyone learned lessons on how to find the right balance?

@kazooboy ...write out (or talk out) what you want. What makes you happy, what you enjoy doing, what your dream you would look like. what your dream job, town, and life would look like. Do this once a year. This way you're more likely to notice when a step appears on the path that leads to the place you want to go.
there are solutions to stupidly expensive housing, (roommates, housemates), but you're the only person who can tell if it's worth it to you.

@ischade That is also a really great idea 👍 I do need to sit down and think of more real goals for life. I did an exercise like that a couple of years ago, and it really did help me focus on what to invest my time and energy into. Probably time to do that again.

@kazooboy it's weird to me how well it works. (it always helps me.) glad to hear it's a good reminder. :)

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