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I wish computers were as fast as people think they are.

My phone literally just forgot who my mother is :thonk:

[imagining I am a protagonist in a movie, in the scene where I've just been captured by the villain]

Me: "You villain! How could you do this?!"

Villain: [delivers the dramatic monologue]

Me: "Wow, you actually made some great points..."

politics but less hot take and more depressed rambling 

Feeling very depressed trying to research for my ballot.

I feel like local elections should be important, because they have a direct effect on people.

Downside is that researching local candidates is challenging, because there's very little info available.

And then I get depressed realizing that nobody in my community probably knows what's happening. We just sort of... live here.

Which is probably why we've let things become so screwed up -_-

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a crowd of people approaches you, wearing these shirts and the number of daughters just keeps increasing

Is it worth subscribing to a local newspaper?

I'm cleaning house and listening to Oasis and nobody can stop me.

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if your smartphone cannot even run a command prompt it's not terribly smart, is it
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I've got another confession to make 

the best
the best
the best
the best
that's you!


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I'm seeing a common trend of Windows Server admins who work from Macs.

The YouTube recommendation algorithm really is a perfect object lesson of how a few bad decisions can haunt you for the rest of your life.

[sets Slack status to "away"]

[sets Slack status to "actually away"]

[sets Slack status to "no seriously, I'm not here"]

[sets Slack status to "network connection error"]

[sets Slack status to "in a submarine under the Arctic circle"]

[sets Slack status to "abducted by space aliens"]

[sets Slack status to "I AM NOW A VAPOR DRIFTING IN THE COSMOS"]

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grass looks comfy but its really not

Work, death, Electron apps 

When I'm chillin' in my grave a hundred years from now, I'll still be waking up to the sound of Slack notifications.

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