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I wish computers were as fast as people think they are.

I flatly deny any accusations that I took down my local Comcast's IPv4 network from playing the Hamster Dance song on a loop, regardless of what the circumstantial evidence suggests.

My new browser bookmarking system is just writing down URLs in a notebook.

longish, cynical, probably biased by sample size 

Me: [gets his music recommendations from streaming service playlists like some boring plebe]

Me: "I wonder where the DJs get their music from... they must know all these secret places where the coolest new music is!"

Me: [meets some actual DJs]

DJs: "Yeah, I get my music from Spotify playlists."

Me: :blobpensive:

Fuck Proprietary Skills

People don't learn how to program, but learn how to S3 or EC2, people don't learn how to illustrate but how to Photoshop, or how to C4D. "Oh, I couldn't possibly make music without Ableton.." This is sad.

late capitalism, random quote from Quora 

"I am one of the founders of the timeshare cancellation industry."

software rant 

The new Microsoft makes apps like VSCode, which keep its config in a folder called .vscode, and then dumps that folder in C:\Users\[username], seeming to assume that it will hide the folder like Linux does.

Except it doesn't because Windows isn't Linux!! And even modern Linux apps put config folders in special directories designated in the XDG spec, so why isn't Windows putting .vscode in AppData?!? :scremcat:

Just like to end the work day by watching PowerPoint struggle in vain to open a file.

total nonsense 

The Untitled Slates of Absentia

Confound it StackExchange, what cookie do I need to permit so you remember to stop asking me about my cookie preferences :screamcat:

I really hate how File Explorer in Windows hides the location of your home directory by default...

...but then I look at all the garbage that gets dumped in your home directory by default, and I'm not surprised.

Managed to cobble together some libc functions to create the world's worst version of wget. It can only send, and it always receives HTTP 400 errors along with the normal response, but hey: it's like whispering into the great vast interwebs, so it was fun to watch it go through Wireshark :blobaww:

Now I think I'll focus on maybe doing something useful and trust a proper HTTP library next time... :blobcatfingerguns:

Turns out it's pretty easy to crash Outlook by clearing too many flags too quickly, which basically means it's punishing you for being productive :awesome:

see bitcoin is reliable. the us dollar might be backed in gold but the bit coin is backed in amd gpu's which contain gold so it's even better

Whoever wrote this code went to the trouble of defining a variable, but then rather than use the variable, they just (incorrectly!) hardcoded its value everywhere :angery:

I'd be nice if gcc gave slightly less cryptic errors when you forgot to add a main() function.

Or maybe that's just my punishment, idk.

No iOS, why on earth would I ever put a period after an emoji

my typing speed was much higher when i was a teenager, because back then i would just type any old garbage

work whining 

Me: "I'm going to go on vacation, hopefully my coworkers can take care of some things."

[Ron Howard voice]: "They didn't."

Well I was going to spend an hour coding but I spent an hour setting up git.

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