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I wish computers were as fast as people think they are.

If you have to pick one, is it better to make sure you feel happy, at peace, relaxed, etc. at...

I think I can safely say that in Linux, it's faster and more reliable to connect bluetooth headphones from the terminal than the GUI.


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praise to the junk chair, the chair that bears our burdens so the other sitting places may remain open and sittable

I see myself as a sensitive kind of guy...

You know, the kind who politely exits SSH sessions.

You should automate things so that when you're automation inevitably breaks you have a convenient list of steps to manually do the things you just automated.

personal-ish but funny 

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Regular expressions are great because when you get good enough it's like writing Perl in any language

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reference to the fall of civilization in service to a joke 

lyrics, all caps, proably an 80's rather than 90's song 

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This morning I'm listening to pretty much all of the 90's pop songs that I've heard before but never attached a name to.

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Mozilla made another terrible Firefox browser for its own internet users

I feel a little guilty using the Arch wiki to try and configure a minimal Fedora install.


Well is it extras, or base?

SSH X forwarding still feels like getting away with something that should be impossible.

I went to post this on Instagram and realized that Instagram wasn't even available 10 years ago.

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Someone just texted me a reminder that 10 years ago today, I held the 1st-gen iPad.


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