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I wish computers were as fast as people think they are.

question for anyone experienced with Ubiquiti UniFi's 

question for anyone experienced with Ubiquiti UniFi's 

Running a 3rd-party antivirus is like locking yourself out of your own house and hoping no one else is smart enough to break in.

We are the victims of proxy wars between software companies.

Today I am referee between Sophos and some weird security camera software in a fight where nobody will win.

I should've paid more attention when my mother told me to memorize some phone numbers, because now I realize it'd be convenient to memorize Windows 10 build numbers and I lack such skills.

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I do this thing where I open a tab for reference for something when I need it, and then I leave it open for the next two months just in case I need it again, but I never do.

I wouldn't call myself *un*-kempt, though maybe just a tad *under*-kempt...

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infosec; IPS vs. IDS 

(It's entirely possible I didn't come up with that line, it was just bumbling around in my head last night.)

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Propose that we replace the ineffective DoNotTrack header with a DoNotBotherMeAboutCookies header

Feeling like a fish out of sheep's clothing.

My Pixel's adaptive brightness seems to adapt by automatically turning itself off ๐Ÿ˜‘

Sending Procmon traces to myself. Will I understand them? Of course not, but it feels good to have the illusion of knowledge.

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You know what the solution was to getting the HP Elitebook Folio's to networkboot? THIS NONSENSE.

#HP #neveragain

The fediverse is the place I go while I wait for QuickBooks to install. Again.

On hold while the vendor of a glucose monitor software that isn't really updated anymore looks to see if they have a CD they can send us. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Quack quack ๐Ÿฆ† I'm baaaaack! Expand for gratuitous summary of my last few weeks 

FYI, I'm taking a social media break for a few weeks so I can put aside some distractions and refocus. But I'll be back so, uh, don't delete my account ๐Ÿ˜…

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