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I wish computers were as fast as people think they are.

Someone just messaged me, "The problem is, it wasn't," and thus accidentally coined the perfect name for a pretentious indie rock album.

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mild kink reference 

I keep accidentally typing "pythong". Like, a LOT.

It's Thanksgiving and I'm sending an email where I've manually highlighted code diffs in Github style.

The real late capitalism is how much workers are paid to wait on Slack to load.

I'm going to start signing all my work emails with "Thank you and much love!" until someone complains.

I've forgotten the NETBIOS domain name of one of my old workplaces and it is reeeaaally bugging me.

Is there a Firefox equivalent to Chrome shortcuts where you can open a site in its own window?

gross, all caps 


Oooh, there is actually a placeholder on Amazon for part 2 of the 7th edition of Windows Internals! I honestly thought they'd just given up on writing it 😅

longish, kinda $$, a little creepy 

Thinking about getting my parents mesh WiFi as a gift, but wasn't sure how to get the square footage of their new house without tipping them off. But then I realized I could get an estimate by looking up their house on Google Earth and measuring it.

I should feel clever, but I mostly feel a weird sense of horror that any of this is possible.

The 4 pack of this riser is out of stock, but I can buy 2 sets of 2 :thounking:

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Searches for "shelf" on Amazon and the Elf movie appears in the results :thonkan:

I also keep telling myself I'll get so much extra work done during the weekend hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It is really messing with my sense of time that it's nightime outside but not even 6:30 PM yet. I keep freaking out that it's almost bedtime when there's so much day left :blobwoah:

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Haaaaaaaaaaaah my fancy configuration script had obliterated by .bash_profile before it was created, no wonder my shell has looked awful :awesome:

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