Studying for a Microsoft cert and reading about Docker on Windows and wondering if anyone actually does that.

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It's hard to make simple and beautiful solutions.
It's easy to make complex and awful ones.
Choose according to your situation.

Today I learned that if you are using the viewer in Virtual Machine Manager in KDE, and you close your laptop lid... your screen doesn't lock πŸ”“ 😱

Try some alternate viewers, I guess?

I think 90% of IT work is just being a detective trying to figure out configurations that nobody bothered to document πŸ•΅οΈ

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So... I may be going through some major changes in my life that would open the possibility of randomly moving somewhere. But, seems like any place that has job opportunities is too expensive to live in, and vice versa. Has anyone learned lessons on how to find the right balance?

Looks like I am on the LTS version of KDE, so that's good. Maybe instead of a KDE bug it's just my SSD starting to fail 😱

My enthusiasm for using KDE again has been slightly diminished by having to re-enter text after the save dialog crashed 😬

Also wondering if older software is actually more stable... seems like some bug fixes only show up in newer versions... along with the new features that introduce bugs πŸ€”

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depression levels are holding at 32%

(32%) β– β– β– β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘

Finally got Bluetooth audio working, so now I must spend time listening to nostalgic songs on YouTube 🎧

Reporting live from KDE on Debian! It's good to be back 😊

Like, the only VM I really need to back up is my Windows one, and I'm thinking it might be easier to just use Windows backup from within the VM πŸ˜…

Anyone had experience backing up a KVM VM offline and restoring it? The procedure looks waaaay more complicated than it ought to be... even for just copying dynamically expanding qcow images.

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That awkward moment when transferring via SMB over Ethernet is faster and more reliable than copying from a flash drive πŸ™„

Why is Exim a dependency of smartmontools?...

"Who's our computer dude or girl"
⬆️ Actual email forwarded to us last night πŸ™„πŸ˜†

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