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I wish computers were as fast as people think they are.

I think I should still blame Confluence, because its CSS doesn't check for Consolas at all 😒

To be fair, it looks like I should be blaming Microsoft for the design of Segoe UI Mono...

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Why does Confluence use a monospace typeface where the 0 doesn't have a / through it?

For that matter, why does such a monospace typeface even exist? 😑

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3rd world countries: street brawls

2nd world countries: dog fighting

1st world countries:

List of fictional technologies:
* Faster-than-light drives
* Cold fusion
* WYSIWYG HTML editors

I'd like to thank Microsoft for inventing a keyboard that requires a CR2430 battery that no store in this town actually sells.

Proposal to reformat the ps man page by grouping together the "identical" options, thereby reducing its length by up to 60%.

Food, $$$, personal, but funny 

One of the neighbor's cats has visited my back porch again, and this makes me very happy :happycat:

Been too long since I've used Hydrogen, tbh. Once you get it, it really is the most sensible drum software one could imagine.

Hydrogen doesn't believe that I should program drum patterns while wearing Bluetooth headphones. Fair enough.

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Hey #Mastodon / #Pleroma creatures, which interface(s) do you use on a regular basis, and if you feel like explaining, why do you like it? Select all that apply!

Boosts for visibility would be much appreciated!
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I'm ranting again so don't open unless you want to hear me whining about Linux 

I'm ranting again so don't open unless you want to hear me whining about Linux 

Are you frackin' kidding me: if you open a properties dialog in GNOME Files you can't move it out of the way of the window?! Or open more than one?

Good sign: I've been practicing vim keystrokes enough that it throws me off every time I try to save a document in a text editor that doesn't support them :vim:

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