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@kungtotte Seeing your toot on roguelike.. I got curious to see what it is and landed up on your other Nim repo through your Mastodon profile.

A static site generator in Nim? Cool! :)

I quickly looking through that repo to look for the use of Nim Source Code Filters ( ), but I didn't find that.

Have you tried using those by any chance? They are pretty awesome!

If you are using haunt and org-mode and you liked ox-hugo then you may be interested in ox-haunt by @jakob and the slight additions I did to it. Read more here:

Okay, so (1) #Emacs is really easy to build, and (2) ligatures works very well \o/.

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I want to spend time on #emacs #orgmode again in 2020.

Will you help me secure free time by donating through or or ?

Don't be afraid to give too much, it won't probably compensate for the hours spent !

🙃 🙏

atan() did not do what I wanted. So I derived "something" using atan() that actually did what I wanted.

.. and later I realize that that "something" is called atan2() in math libraries. :facepalm:

I'm doing Advent of Code for the very first time this year. The programming problems are addictive!

My language of choice in .

I am posting my solutions so far on my repo:

(obviously, they are have spoilers)

@sir The reason is that I need to get info about a repo using the static site generator , using its getJSON template function.

I am not sure how to go through OAuth stuff in the template without making my access token public (because my site source is public).

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@sir Hello, is it possible to have just read access to a user/repo's commits via the API?

I am looking for something similar to:

curl ""


I just released #emacs #orgmode 9.3. This is a new version with new features and some incompatible changes: please read the Changelog carefully:

As usual, thanks to the amazingly sustainable community!

Wrote a little utility in Nim to search and play YouTube videos directly from the command line.

This is partly due to my dissatisfaction with the ytview script from the Bash-Snippets package. - 210 LoC
clitube.nim - 44 LoC

Size of release binary: 637 KB (amd64)

Used only the standard library, no dependencies.

I might prefer Nim to Bash/Python for small portable utilities in the near future.

#Nim #Nimlang #ToyProject

Even with that setting in config.toml, if you see ox-hugo exporting Markdown that doesn't work the same way as before Hugo v0.60 (or even if it doesn't work as expected on any Hugo version), don't hesitate to open an issue on

.. even if you think that it's probably not a bug. It's OK to open a issue just to clarify some doubts.


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Ox-hugo users::

I did some very brief testing of ox-hugo with the latest Hugo v0.60.1 (which uses the Commonmark parser Goldmark instead of the old and unmaintained Black Friday), and it seems like everything Just Works (TM) as before you if add this to your site's config.toml:

unsafe = true

See for details.

Please boost this!


People who call a "text editor" are totally missing the point - it does SO much more than just edit text. For example:

1. Emacs has a builtin notetaking system called org-mode.
2. Org-mode has a builtin spreadsheet system.
3. This spreadsheet system has a builtin formula debugger.

That's how deep it goes. There's so much useful and awesome functionality to discover in Emacs. I've used it for 25 years now, and I still learn new stuff about it every week.

Just spent 10 minutes dealing with a misbehaving app, and wifi issues on my TV. I remember in the 90s when we were told computers would one day be as easy to use as a TV. I guess that day is here.

When these were packed into my suitcase when I first came to US for my studies, I didn't know that I'll open them after roughly 14 years, for my future son :D


today I discovered today that in order to get an "about page" to look like a post, I need to tell hugo to use the layout=single property. but ox-hugo "ran it over" each time I made changes.

So, wanted to submit an issue, found someone else with a smilar issue (where it was type) and tried to use

and it worked! *makes a little dance*

Do all hugo page properties (front matter?) translate through ox-hugo like this?

A blog post I found in wild, about blogging in using :

What's interesting is that the author seems to be motivated to write an Org Mode to Markdown exporter for Jekyll just as I was for .. and as I read through it, he mentions that bits and pieces he borrowed from for his exporter.


The #nim language is fantastic. I have been digging into the book #nim in action and the tutorials. Having lots of fun and learning new ways. Can’t wait to start learning meta programming. I can cross compile to windows also and it just works. Very impressed.

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