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Searching for high-res images with your search engine and then copying the (low-res) thumbnail preview into your #presentation & enlarging it to full-screen is a sign of bad #education, I'm afraid. 😔 #PIM

Btw, never use #JPEG for anything else than photographs! Prefer #PNG or even #SVG.

Hugo has improved error handling 🐞
Another new feature allows to take a sneak peek on your blog 👀

I usually solve problems by myself.
But recently, I have come to think that relying on others to solve problems is not a bad idea.
Because when a kind person helps me, I naturally want to help others who have the same problem.
Kind people make me a kind person.


.. ok, last one.. org-map-entries is even better :D

(defun temp/do-at-heading ()
"Function designed to be called at the beginning of an Org heading."
(let ((el (org-element-at-point)))
;; Just for example: Simply sets a "title" property to the title
;; of the subtree.
(org-set-property "title" (org-element-property :title el))))

(org-map-entries #'temp/do-at-heading)


Actually as you need to modify the Org buffer, `org-element-map` might be a wrong choice here.

Something like this might be better

(defun temp/update-heading-properties ()
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (search-forward-regexp "^*+\\s-" nil :noerror)
(let ((el (org-element-at-point)))
;; For example; just sets a "title" prop to the
;; title of the subtree.
(org-set-property "title" (org-element-property :title el))))))

@postroutine It's possible but you will need to write a custom function to do that, using `org-element-map` + `org-set-property`.

I dont see a lot of #100DaysToOffload hashtags recently ... everybody gave up ?

For the newcomers who own a blog, check it's a nice #challenge


I am in the "emacsclient camp". So startup time is a non-issue. I have an emacs sessions running for weeks at a stretch. If I need to restart it for some reason, it's a couple of seconds, and then again it keeps running for a couple of weeks/months.



Thanks! Do you use Org drawers other than the LOGBOOK? If so, what are their use cases? An idea is brewing on if I should start parsing any :Foo: drawer into a 'foo' front-matter variable.

If you haven't used the LOGBOOK notes feature, check out this post where I show how I use that to add update notes to my blog posts:

Day 21 of

I add a note with a timestamp to my post, if the change is tangible (very subjective). I don't add those update notes for minor typos and such. The act of adding that note also updates the lastmod parameter () of the post.

Example: See the date stamped note at the top of this post:

'Call Of Cthulhu' - watercolour on board. I originally painted this digitally a few years ago but wanted to put it in watercolour ever since! Original and prints available!
#MastoArt #fantasyart #cthulhu #watercolour #creature #oldgods #creaturedesign

Thanks to all the recent discussions I decided to write about my recent journey switching from #fish on gnome terminal to #zsh on #alacritty with #starship. I'm still figuring it out, but if you see something odd or have suggestions, I'd love feedback:

Thanks for the help @davy


I find watching movies akin to time traveling, especially when watching movies using a projector, in a dark room, immersive sounds and all that.

Today's post is on how to cleanly install development version of : (I've linked the original post from 2017 in that post).

This is the first time that I did a post rewrite than just editing the old post, because a lot of things needed to be updated this time. It was fun to create a versioned post of an original post, and making use of 's _build front matter to "unlist" the old post, but still have it accessible via its URL.

Day 20 of

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I'm finding myself being able to publish new posts relatively quickly than what I was able to before I got onto the challenge. I'm really thankful that that thing exists! (I still don't think I'll finish 100 posts in a year, but I reached my personal accomplishment of 20 posts in about 3 months today.)

Today's post was a rewrite of an old post prompted by this related Reddit thread:

📢 If you like using the LOGBOOK drawers to save state changes and notes, I just added a new feature ✨ to that parses that information to a new `logbook` front-matter.

*Testers needed for this new feature. Update to the latest `ox-hugo` version from MELPA.*


See this PR if you are interested in examples and technical details:

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