@amit I like that show too. It gives kind of a "House M.D." vibe, with each episode having court room scenes with small cases, and the main storyline continuing across each episode.

I watched season 1 episode 4 yesterday.


You can make a nice collage of all these iris' (hope that's the right plural form πŸ˜€)


Close-up of Massangeana in my living room (roughly 2nd week in my care πŸ˜€)


Ah! Sorry for all the noise with all these Org related posts then!

On the topic of learning , you can easily reach the /proficiency/ of Markdown in Org in a few minutes to an hour.

But once you are in that world (especially if you are an user) .. oh.. the possibilities are endless!!

Good luck with you move to either way. If you ever get stuck in that nice, we have incredible folks helping out people on discourse.gohugo.io/ .

@greyor @ljwrites

for basics, both markdown and org-mode are pretty straight-forward. (org-mode of course has lots of possible additional things you can do.)

- markdown - markdownguide.org/basic-syntax
- org-mode - gitlab.com/publicvoit/orgdown/

@ljwrites @greyor

Oh! And recently I started generating the changelog using the git log (and ever since, I am more disciplined in formatting my commit messages). So skimming through this may help you quickly discover the key breakages and new features: ox-hugo.scripter.co/doc/change

And of course, the latest ox-hugo will have a lot fewer bugs if you haven't updated it in a while 😁


showtoc and tocopen parameters seem to be custom to your theme. So they would still go in HUGO_CUSTOM_FRONT_MATTER.

About summary, I have a page in the doc site on how to export that.

If you get to updating Hugo and ox-hugo to the latest versions, feel free to start a discussion (repo has a new Discussions section) showing an Org snippet of how you set all the front matter , and I may be able to provide some feedback.



Anybody a plant expert here? I am really good at being unable to make even a mint plant survive.

I am now trying my hands at maintaining Massangeana. I saw it at an , loved those and got two of them.

Now I hope that they are as easy to maintain as people say 🀞

> using bable so I can construct it in a literate programming style.

How do you plan to use Org Babel by moving away from Hugo?

As you already know, provides the speed of publishing, all kinds of feeds (ATOM + RSS), ability to easily integrate search, and much more.


The only "good" that I think is "YYYY/MM/DD" and it's not there in that matrix! (it's there but missing the "/" or "-" separators)

@temporal I'd suggest that you bring that up on the mailing list.

I follow that list and I see that Ihor is really responsive to questions related to org-element library and caching (and almost anything Org related πŸ˜ƒ ).

I would have submitted a patch to improve the documentation around this topics if I knew them well enough.

But if you bring up this question on the mailing list, Ihor or some of the other core Org developers might improve the documentation.


Alright, not sure why @ambrevar decided this, but here's the reason why the website is empty: gitlab.com/ambrevar/ambrevar.g

[ ok.. enough of snooping around .. now back to what I was doing. ]

Anyone know whatever happened to @ambrevar ? Their site seems to be.. empty..
#lisp #emacs

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