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Kaushal Modi @kaushalmodi@mastodon.technology

.. and I just learned about anaphora.el[1] (adding that to my "to-understand and start using" elisp library list).

[1]: github.com/rolandwalker/anapho

TIL about Anaphoric macros and what "it" means in the `--map` and other functions in Emacs-Lisp dash.el[1] library, and the `mapIt` function in .

For more, see Ch.14. Anaphoric Macros from On Lisp book by Paul Graham (free PDF/HTML[2]).

[1]: github.com/magnars/dash.el#fun
[2]: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Lisp

Watched the PG-13 movie "Alpha" with my 4-yr old son. He enjoyed the movie with legit questions like "Is he alone now?", "Where is his papa?", "Are those the bad guys? (People hunting the bisons)".

I think that showing him Planet Earth, etc. helped him deal with about a minute of bison hunting "PG-13 violence" in the movie.


Thanks! I think "Static Site Generators" should be a nice broad enough category.

@codesections might also join that.


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rel-me decentralised verification now works for mastodon - yay! Shame Google Plus broke it, and twitter needs a hack.

@aminb @kensanata

.. and Linux and Technology too?

I am interested in Hugo and Static site generation too. What's a good category for that?


Trunk is a great resource. Thanks for sharing. Btw can you can me to Emacs list?

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There may not be a whole lot of areas where JavaScript edges out Python, but this is one. Behold:

Array(16).join('Theme song' - 1) + ' Batman!'

Credit: destroyallsoftware.com/talks/w

@aminb @sir

Following up: That issue was moved to todo.sr.ht/%7Esircmpwn/man.sr..

Copying @publicvoit

**There's a need for an Org mode to HTML converter library in Python.**

[spread the word]

@aminb @sir

Thanks! As Drew said, I'm already on there.

And I am putting my first request there.. for Org mode support! :D


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I'm interested in sr.ht. Can you add me to the invite list?

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Imagine showing up to starbucks with this fucker

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Useful keyboard shortcuts for the web client that aren't documented in the panel yet, courtesy of @Gargron:

gb -> blocked accounts
gd -> direct messages
gf -> favourites,
gh -> home,
gl -> local timeline,
gn -> notifications,
gs -> getting started panel,
gt -> federated timeline
gm -> muted users,
gp -> pinned toots,
gu -> your profile

@trevdev I went through a progression of:
- ack looks awesome, forget grep.
- Ooh! Forget ack, ag is the best.
- Nah! ripgrep (rg) is THE best. Forget ag, ack, grep ;-)


@zge @rms I would think that he would have baked "his config" into core emacs by now :)