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tildes.net/ feels really fresh and nice!


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I'm liking programming in as I am understanding and using it more. It's awesome!

- Notes (will keep on updating this): scripter.co/notes/nim/
- First project: github.com/kaushalmodi/nbuild


If I were you, and were happy with zim/libreoffice, I wouldn't switch. There has to be a strong reason when you do any switch.

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@eladhen I don't use RTL languages. But the official Org mailing list is very active and provides great support. Try e-mailing about your issue, including how to reproduce it from "emacs -Q" at emacs-orgmode@gnu.org.

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@chuck @gamehawk @brennen @craigmaloney I may be biased because I've done a number of technical reviews for NoStarch, but I really like them. Bill Pollock seems like a good leader, I like the quality of their books and their editorial process, and I think their prices are reasonable.

I also like that their books have character and art design instead of the bland homogeneity of O'Reilly, but this is more frivolous.

Packt Pub is more shovelware, toss everything at a wall and see what sticks.

I agree. There's definitely some initial time investment needed if you want to switch to any new static site gen.

I can talk about though.. Once I was past that initial learning phase, I entered that "Go templating enlightened" state :P, where I can add any feature I like to my site, limited just by my lack of JavaScript knowledge. But Go templating + basic CSS allows me to do most of the things I want.

I can talk about mine.. It started reviving in 2017 when I got introduced to .

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@sporiff I'm probably one of the few who doesn't care to make his blog look right on Internet Explorer .. I have set up (Content Security Policy) that works great on Firefox and Chrome.. but renders my site badly on IE and Edge.

@maiki Just tried disabled scripts on my site.. works well except that the fontawesome icons don't load as I use SVG+JS method for loading them, and the dynamic TOC of course requires JS.

Makes me think if I should get rid of FA altogether, hmm..

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The release with the black theme and the compact mode has been published.


You might find some bugs or have some suggestions. I opened a thread on github. Do not hesitate to post here. Thanks.



And then switched from list of tags/categories to a series of buttons with their sizes proportional to the number of posts: scripter.co/categories/.

templating is awesome!


Pretty happy with an overhaul of "taxo buttons" on my site scripter.co/.

The new buttons for tags and categories blend better into the site.

- Hovering over those shows the number of posts with the same tags/categories
- Clicking on a button will show posts only with that taxo. But on that page, that particular taxo button is colored in my site's theme color (maroon/reddish).


New post: scripter.co/accessing-devdocs- …. It's about accessing from for lang docs. Thanks to Christopher Wellons for his devdocs-lookup package!

@neekz0r @ashfurrow @Gargron

Simply put, deals with this very well.. it doesn't support full Markdown, but supports indented code blocks, bolds and italics, that's it.

Example: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

@neekz0r @ashfurrow @Gargron

I certainly prefer the triple back-quote syntax. But if even those backticks are intrusive, making this work would be awesome:

indented code here