Close-up of Massangeana in my living room (roughly 2nd week in my care 😀)

meta update: og:image works!!

That logo image is now set in the "og:image" meta tag in header of all my posts.

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When these were packed into my suitcase when I first came to US for my studies, I didn't know that I'll open them after roughly 14 years, for my future son :D

I am teaching my son to read and I found this worksheet. What's that thing called where the letters have ligatures or are changed in size to aid reading them? If I know what this technique is called, I can search for more reading resources like this online.

I'm not sure if is removing the blank newlines or Mastodon itself.

Do you know if anything on the app changed with respect to whitespace removal?

Above, I have 3 blank lines in total, but I won't see any once I post. This is what it looks like when typing (attached).

Night mode magic on Pixel 3!!

Left: (not pixel3)
Right: (pixel3) ;of course

The night mode algorithm in the Google Camera on Pixel 3 is just amazing (under statement). It takes about 2 seconds to gather all the needed light, and then creates a non-blurry image as you see in the right above; while also auto white balancing correcting out all the Halloween blue light.

Just amazed!

No way! A user is the top tooter of an user‽ 😛

Check out the tool by @codesections to find your top tooters.

Now the ox-hugo doc site passes htmltest!

I just tweaked a page's template (the only one that can have non-https links) with this: 😎

Explanation of that linked code snippet:

- Now secure links have a lock & key unicode before them.
- Plain http links don't have that, but instead have the "data-proofer-ignore" attribute appended that the htmltest can ignore.

So now looks like this:

htmltest[0] is an awesome CLI utility to check the sanity of the links in your statically generated site (check for unbroken links, check if http:// links exist in your https:// site, if images have alt tags, and much more).

I am now down to these 19 errors in my whole blog which I cannot fix.. I hope these sites upgrade to HTTPS soon.. or I might hack my template to auto-wrap http links in HTML pre tags :P


If anyone is using Mac/Safari, and willing to help debug this probable CSS issue, can you visit and confirm the font issue.. Do you see what someone reported as they see on Safari Technology Preview 11.2 (see attached). The site looks fine on Firefox and Chrome.

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