@marcowahl I just signed up for an account on SDF. The first thing I did is open emacs there, and emacs is aliased to pico!! How do you use that account?

@marcowahl BTW I am "kmodi" on SDF. I have initiated my validation process there via Paypal donation. But looks like, an existing user like you can also validate newcomers?

@kaushalmodi I'm a user on the very bottom of the user hierarchy at #sdf. I think I can't validate you.

Anyway, I captured a todo to try to contact you via sdf.

Thanks for your initiative!

Actually, I just checked, and looks like I got validated. Strange.. I didn't get any validation confirmation from

@kaushalmodi Haha. Er wait: this is not funny!

Currently I don't use that account very much.


An update on that.. now that I am validated, emacs launches Emacs 25.3. Odd.. before validation, "emacs" launched pico! (May be an incentive to get people validated.. hmm).

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