@kaushalmodi Thanks for writing it!

One thing I'd wish to see but couldn't find so far is some kind of a guide / manual that would make it clear which functions in Org Mode's "API" can be used to modify the document in the buffer, and which are meant for working with an in-memory copy of AST.

Official documentation and WORG are super unclear on this, and with org mode having a cache now, I hesitate to even explore APIs through trial and error...


@temporal I'd suggest that you bring that up on the mailing list.

I follow that list and I see that Ihor is really responsive to questions related to org-element library and caching (and almost anything Org related 😃 ).

I would have submitted a patch to improve the documentation around this topics if I knew them well enough.

But if you bring up this question on the mailing list, Ihor or some of the other core Org developers might improve the documentation.

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