@kaushalmodi trying to wrap my head around using -mode macros for instagram instead of shortcodes since these don't work well with .

Doesn't really fit into submitting a bug, since I understand why shortcode doesn't work... I don't know what I'm looking for..? manual is cryptic about org macros, not sure how to utilize. Suggestions?

@kaushalmodi I was mostly reading through this github.com/kaushalmodi/ox-hugo

but I'm not sure I understand what you did there. Looks like I need some sort of a org-mode "plugin" for instagram? Do I need to build one?


@jrss What is the HTML snippet needed to embed an image from instagram? Once you have that, I can help you with writing an {{{instagram()}}} Org macro.

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@kaushalmodi in the case of Instagram, I found a workflow that works better. I also have rawhtml short code that allows embedding content like the one from Instagram. When using it, I noticed Instagram is blocking content for whatever reason. So I don't think I'm going to pursue this particular thing further.

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