May be @chrisaldrich or @KevinMarks can point to the right solution.

Back story: A user is sending webmentions repeatedly to the same URL. My webmention endpoint is on webmention.io. How do I prevent webmention.io sending POST triggers on each of those repeated mentions?

@kaushalmodi: Though I made progress – there was too much to look into and I stopped at the point where I was trying to setup webmentions.io as a self-hosted service. So, to get moving – I went back to my WP setup and have finally ‘indiewebified’ my site..

Using WP for this was relatively straightforward except for several hours wasted in getting the indieauth plugin to work (a missing PHP dependency!!!), which I would never have solved without help from #indieweb-wordpress on IRC. I will ping you when I finish my notes on this.

As such this is a bit of a twist, beacuse the goal was to indiewebify my hugo site and to continue using the excellent ox-hugo! Now, I will probably use ox-hugo to power a 2nd static site as a brain-dump and experiment with indieweb.

Per Aaron – the repeated POST triggers is a default behavior. The webmentions.app script that I was using actually had to be called every time an article was published. Once. With that approach – I would probably have to create some form of a database, and/or add a post git / hugo hook to call the script.

@s.ragavan.co Thanks for that update.

You certainly have experience with server setup and dealing with installation. Honestly speaking, as there are many Wordpress users, its plugin should be well maintained too.

This is great as you got the things set up as you wanted.

> Now, I will probably use ox-hugo to power a 2nd static site ..

Why? But keep me posted :)

> With that approach – I would probably have to create some form of a database

Yeah, that's correct ..



See if github.com/cweiske/stapibas helps. I do not have a server to host an instance of it. But the author of that project was kind enough to let me send through his instance.

The benefit of stapibas is that it does the database management of which wm's have already been sent.

As you have your own server, may be this helps you too (if you find time to look into the webmentions solution).

Thanks! I will keep this in mind for the next round and check it out. Ha, its a tiny ‘nanode’ server on Linode 🙂 Its surprising what can be done with 1GB of RAM and 1 CPU core.
There are definitely several rough edges to look into in my setup 😀 Your 2nd reply shows up separately as a webmention ping, rather than attached to the original post, and does not have the reply content either.
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