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I like .

And I want to have it accessible from within and updated via .

I don't still have that working but here's the plan.

1. Develop an application in that interacts with Todoist API. [this is now underway:]

2. Interface that Nim application with Emacs. I don't have that either, but I got an experiment of Nim-Emacs interface working in
3 - 1/2

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There are multiple aspects to "Indiewebifying" your site.

@kevinmarks: Correct me where I am wrong below.

1. : You have a website be *you*, YOUR identity. That's where rel=me comes in. For lazy folks like me, I identify myself and link that to my GitHub profile.

2. : This makes your web pages parseable by the Webmention endpoints (like, that heroku app, etc.)


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> Sadly, you'll need some kind of server-side dynamic rendering to show your webmentions. This will be a problem when you use a static website generator and refuse to add any kind of client-side JavaScript.

I know neither PHP nor JS. So I thought that Webmentions is no-go for me.

But I was able to make it work on my static site deployed over . See the attached image for my flow :D



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emacs eww is such an underappreciated browser.

It's great for reading documentation and copypasta.

#emacs #eww

Today we had to tell someone it is inappropriate to post porn to support forums:

I'm so angry. I think everyone deserves technical assistance. I... maybe I'll take the day off. I wrote something about this...

I was in picking up about 2 dozen extra large moving boxes and a large TV moving boxes when a couple walked by and offered to get as many moving and TV boxes included large trash bags full of packing material as they just moved to my town.

I couldn't believe it, but I actually got everything they said they had to give away, for free. I must have saved roughly $100 due to their generosity.

I need to pass on this generosity.

The vs flame war is getting out of hands.

Just visit

[ Someone must have spent a fortune on that domain :) ]

I can never resist posting when ever my FB contacts post this. Your day time profession HAS nothing to do with passion in *ix. So as far I see it, picture is a normal picture...

@dansup The issue is not about self hosting, any Gitlab, Gitea or what else hosted by a third party you trust would do, no need to self host everything.

I believe the issue is more with the attention monopoly of Github (I mean, who would like to trade their thousands stars for ten times less visibility?) and the lack of cross-service interaction which basically make Github and the only two viable silos.

@zalandocalrissian @Gargron @codesections

Ohhh! Mastodon has added a feature I was asking for a few months ago! You can configure pinned columns to display multiple hashtags. E.g. this is now my #rustlang column:

@_mizZen_ @alexbuzzbee Read email. Use IRC. Open a shell. Program in elisp and extend the editor while it is running. Play tetris. Interact with a database. Open a terminal emulator. Browse the web. Browse gopher.

-- the footages and story telling about Earth and space are just amazing!

Interesting changes coming up in life .. my office location has changed (same job), but that makes my wife's and my work work close to each other (earlier 2 hours apart, now 20 mins).

So now we are moving, have put up my current house for rent, and need to find renters.

But yay to the upcoming 20 mins commute vs the current 55 mins 馃帀

@codesections those that have not already discovered the delights of #orgmode are destined to recreate it ;-)

All wikis should standardize their markup/down language to #orgmode. This would make it so much easier to store and read in flat text files.

Remacs has moved to its own GitHub organisation, to reflect the growing community!

We have a whole bunch of friendly contributors :)

For those who haven't seen this yet: A Google+ users collected his old posts on using calc, the built-in RPN calculator in Emacs, and archived them into this repository:

This includes: Working with different bases, algebraic operations, calculus, even rational and date arithmetic.

How clever it was to put them on Github is a different question, but from my first impressions, it seems like a good resource to get acquainted with calc.


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