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I like .

And I want to have it accessible from within and updated via .

I don't still have that working but here's the plan.

1. Develop an application in that interacts with Todoist API. [this is now underway:]

2. Interface that Nim application with Emacs. I don't have that either, but I got an experiment of Nim-Emacs interface working in
3 - 1/2

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There are multiple aspects to "Indiewebifying" your site.

@kevinmarks: Correct me where I am wrong below.

1. : You have a website be *you*, YOUR identity. That's where rel=me comes in. For lazy folks like me, I identify myself and link that to my GitHub profile.

2. : This makes your web pages parseable by the Webmention endpoints (like, that heroku app, etc.)


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> Sadly, you'll need some kind of server-side dynamic rendering to show your webmentions. This will be a problem when you use a static website generator and refuse to add any kind of client-side JavaScript.

I know neither PHP nor JS. So I thought that Webmentions is no-go for me.

But I was able to make it work on my static site deployed over . See the attached image for my flow :D



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learning #nim

i like it so far, the syntax is nice and language itself gives me a comfy feeling, there're first-class functions and metaprogramming; the idea of compiling to c source and delegating optimizations to c compiler (which is indeed good at it) is clever; i also get a garbage collector while manual memory management is still possible

Things in which you cannot recreate the joy you get doing the first time:

Unboxing my brand new Suunto Core All Black watch, exploring all the settings by my self, and then reading through the whole manual to discover more things that I missed in my exploration.

[The watch is awesome!]

C-u C-c * in #orgmode with the cursor at the beginning of the first line of a plain list converts it to headlines.

#orgmode #orgmodedetails

Raspberry Pi + Syncthing = awesome org mode sync haven. Could be annoying to get there though. Anyone would be interested in reading about it?

Apple locking out gnu/linux distros with their T2 security chip os is (amongst a variety of sins) a big blow to people who want to reduce ewaste or hold onto Apple hardware longer than Apple typically gives support.

GNU/Linux had been a popular way of stretching the lifespan's of aging Apple hardware. People have been doing this for decades; and occasionally popularized by websites like

New m.t custom emoji: :ivoted:

(Disclaimer for DHS: _I_ did not vote because I am not a citizen.)

This is really useful when you already created a new file with the intent to copy contents from an existing file.

It's the reverse approach of first opening that original file and then doing `C-x C-w` (write-file) -- also known as "Save As" in the world outside .

Note to self: Make more use of the awesome default binding `C-x i` (insert-file).

M-x insert-buffer is another useful command along the same lines.

The convenience of ox-hugo is unparalleled. One Org mode file holds your entire site. Its trivial to export your whole site to hugo compliant markdown or just one page/post.

#emacs #org-mode #hugo

I just saw someone use an Emacs emoji. :emacs:

I thought: there better be one for Vim. There is... :vim:

#Vim #Emacs

Finally, after months procastinating, I finished my post about blogging using only org-mode! Just a pure approach, without using any other static site generator. All of you, #Emacs gurus of Mastodon, I'm waiting for any possible feedback on this experiment!

Read it here:

The super awesome Hugo version v0.50 (that makes you artificially create errors so that you can see them beautifully presented in your browser while running `hugo server`) is out!!

Download it for your nearest semiconductor device from here:

@alexjgriffith If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way. I was in a pretty similar situation with a mess of Python/Flask that I wrote as a freshman in high school. The documentation for Hugo is great, though, so you should be able to expect a fairly easy transition

This thread on Quora captures some of the best stories from real people meeting Steve Jobs — some wonderful memories.

“You don’t often get close to people like the Jobs, much less in a ridiculous situation like this, where you realize that they are just really good people.”

/cc @am1t

You might be interested in seeing this Pixel 3 Night Mode result; pic taken by a casual user using my phone.

Night mode magic on Pixel 3!!

Left: (not pixel3)
Right: (pixel3) ;of course

The night mode algorithm in the Google Camera on Pixel 3 is just amazing (under statement). It takes about 2 seconds to gather all the needed light, and then creates a non-blurry image as you see in the right above; while also auto white balancing correcting out all the Halloween blue light.

Just amazed!

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