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To all the ox-hugo users: If you have a public site with public Org source, would you like to be mentioned here: ox-hugo.scripter.co/doc/exampl ? :)

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The main problem with Github being bought by Microsoft isn't MS.

It's that in 2018 we still haven't learned that critical infrastructure shouldn't belong to one company ... and that we should avoid building single points of failure.

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For comparison, here's how I see it on Firefox Nightly:

If anyone is using Mac/Safari, and willing to help debug this probable CSS issue, can you visit scripter.co and confirm the font issue.. Do you see what someone reported as they see on Safari Technology Preview 11.2 (see attached). The site looks fine on Firefox and Chrome.

tildes.net/ feels really fresh and nice!


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I'm liking programming in as I am understanding and using it more. It's awesome!

- Notes (will keep on updating this): scripter.co/notes/nim/
- First project: github.com/kaushalmodi/nbuild

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@chuck @gamehawk @brennen @craigmaloney I may be biased because I've done a number of technical reviews for NoStarch, but I really like them. Bill Pollock seems like a good leader, I like the quality of their books and their editorial process, and I think their prices are reasonable.

I also like that their books have character and art design instead of the bland homogeneity of O'Reilly, but this is more frivolous.

Packt Pub is more shovelware, toss everything at a wall and see what sticks.

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The release with the black theme and the compact mode has been published.


You might find some bugs or have some suggestions. I opened a thread on github. Do not hesitate to post here. Thanks.



And then switched from list of tags/categories to a series of buttons with their sizes proportional to the number of posts: scripter.co/categories/.

templating is awesome!


Pretty happy with an overhaul of "taxo buttons" on my site scripter.co/.

The new buttons for tags and categories blend better into the site.

- Hovering over those shows the number of posts with the same tags/categories
- Clicking on a button will show posts only with that taxo. But on that page, that particular taxo button is colored in my site's theme color (maroon/reddish).


New post: scripter.co/accessing-devdocs- …. It's about accessing from for lang docs. Thanks to Christopher Wellons for his devdocs-lookup package!

@ashfurrow Being that this instance has more folks using technology, is it possible to support basic Markdown formatting? Does Mastodon even allow that?

By basic, I mean **bold**, _italics_, [description][link-id] and code blocks indented by 4 spaces (backtick fenced code blocks would be even better).

[link-id]: example.com

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When you use the app to share a link, it will automatically retrieve the title, a small summary and attach a media related to the page you are sharing.

#Mastalab #tips

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The #emacs community is very nice. Free review on reddit and then when publishing on melpa. So cool!

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Wish Mastodon had an option for plain text email notifications.