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I like .

And I want to have it accessible from within and updated via .

I don't still have that working but here's the plan.

1. Develop an application in that interacts with Todoist API. [this is now underway:]

2. Interface that Nim application with Emacs. I don't have that either, but I got an experiment of Nim-Emacs interface working in
3 - 1/2

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There are multiple aspects to "Indiewebifying" your site.

@kevinmarks: Correct me where I am wrong below.

1. : You have a website be *you*, YOUR identity. That's where rel=me comes in. For lazy folks like me, I identify myself and link that to my GitHub profile.

2. : This makes your web pages parseable by the Webmention endpoints (like, that heroku app, etc.)


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> Sadly, you'll need some kind of server-side dynamic rendering to show your webmentions. This will be a problem when you use a static website generator and refuse to add any kind of client-side JavaScript.

I know neither PHP nor JS. So I thought that Webmentions is no-go for me.

But I was able to make it work on my static site deployed over . See the attached image for my flow :D



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@tom79 Hello! I recently saw the private messages timeline show up. That was an extra tab for me because I hardly do private messaging. So I was glad to see that I can disable it.

But when I disabled it, my first custom tab to the right of the federated timeline tab started showing the exact same toots as those from the federated timeline. Other custom tabs are showing the feed correctly.

The awesome collection of #Emacs ((news)+(links)) by Sacha Chua in the «Emacs-News» articles is out for October: a list of 49 points for the 1st, and 28 for the 8th! ith #Orgmode ressources too. Happy using!

I realized that #Hugo's templating engine is powerful enough to make a rudimentary #wiki :thinkhappy:

- #Go templates
- #TOML configuration (data representation)
- #Markdown or HTML

#exocortex #KnowledgeBase

Hey @xahlee, I think that you can add to your blog "lang creators using emacs" that Andrei Alexandrescu, D language creator also uses #emacs

Some good tips in here about how to make CLI apps:

I don't necessarily agree with *everything* in here, but there's enough good stuff that I wish I'd seen it when I was building (though I muddled my way to many of the same ideas).

Hat tip to @arcs for point this article out

Hey @Gargron does the filters field support regex? I can't find anything about this so I assume not but, figured I'd ask. I just wanna make sure I get every variation of a word and it'd be nice to not have to have multiple entries.

Google are shutting down G+ in 10 months.

I'd like a list of #Federated / #Distributed alternatives generally. This for (numerous) G+ discussions on What Next.

#Diaspora (or alternatives)

... ?


It feels good to reach a point of diminishing returns with optimization :D

Tangling an 8k+ line Org file to a 7k+ output in 0.01 seconds[0].

My latest project: ntangle[1]



@shakthimaan @publicvoit I started using #emacs during my undergraduate and wrote my masters thesis in org-mode. I honestly can't even imagine what my life would be like without org-mode.

Hello, I'm Javier. This is my first post here, a nice #sunset i shooted this last summer. #photography #tenerife


Are you a tildes ( user too?

If so, it also can use that integration: :)

PS: I have invites for tildes if you or anyone else needs it.

Well this is exciting, now supports sending webmentions! 🦐 If someone submits one of your links, now you'll be immediately notified! Congrats on shipping! 🎉
Websites doing their best to hide the "log in" option and only showing the "sign up" option prominently is such a weird and bad UX development

Is there a list of pixelfed instances anywhere

Ah, @kaushalmodi's such a nerd! 🤓

> If you know Emacs-Lisp, here’s a crude analogy

I figure the other #LISP nerds might want to know what we get up to in the #gohugo fora. ^_^

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