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There are multiple aspects to "Indiewebifying" your site.

@kevinmarks: Correct me where I am wrong below.

1. : You have a website be *you*, YOUR identity. That's where rel=me comes in. For lazy folks like me, I identify myself and link that to my GitHub profile.

2. : This makes your web pages parseable by the Webmention endpoints (like, that heroku app, etc.)


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> Sadly, you'll need some kind of server-side dynamic rendering to show your webmentions. This will be a problem when you use a static website generator and refuse to add any kind of client-side JavaScript.

I know neither PHP nor JS. So I thought that Webmentions is no-go for me.

But I was able to make it work on my static site deployed over . See the attached image for my flow :D



TIL that you drain the transmission fluid very similar to how you do that for the engine oil :facepalm:

(Why did they put them so close together!)

I almost never post here directly (rather than syndicated from but that's what I'm doing right now. Just to mix it up a bit. Mastodon's new single-column web UI, "system font" setting, and light theme make it downright pleasant here.

@mawe @JayVii_de and are IMO two best pieces of software in Emacs. If use Git for version control, make sure to check Magit out!

@JayVii_de I finally had a look at #ESS and #emacs! This is awesome!! Thanks so much for the hint!

Also while I dove into emacs, I discovered #orgmode! The single most greatest piece of software out there!!! How could I miss that?!
I ❤️ #FOSS

Reclaiming #RSS, by @yogthos 🔗

Reclaiming RSS

To escape censorship by Big Social, all web sites and blogs should implement this one trick.

Is anybody into doing car maintenance themselves? I am looking forward to doing oil change in my by myself for the very first time.

So I need to buy some basic tools; one of them is a car jack. Does anyone have strong opinions/good experiences about buying a particular brand?

Stumbled upon the hidden gems that are `rx' and `re-builder' today.

It's true that English has idiosyncratic orthography in part because of essentially some amount of 'freezing' spelling relative to 14th/15th-c. pronunciation, and not respelling borrowed words (so words from, e.g. French, maintain most of the French spelling). But sometimes the irregularity of English orthography vs the regularity of the orthography of other languages is over-stated.

So, note, for instance, that Hindi devanagari orthography->pronunciation really isn't so regular as you might think: there are fairly complex rules about 'schwa dropping' that one has to learn when learning how to read Hindi in devanagari (which, for instance, one doesn't for Sanskrit), so समझा looks like it might be pronounced as /səməjhā/, but it's actually pronounced as /səmjhā/, while समझ is pronounced /səməjh/ (and not /səməjhə/). Gujarati likewise does something similar.

There are other irregularities, e.g. महँगा is not pronounced /məhə̃gā/ but /mɛhgā/. वह is not pronounced /vaha/ but /vo/.

Additionally, devanagari as an abugida has some fairly complex things involving conjunct characters and vowel matras. So you have to know that linearly the short i-matra precedes the grapheme for the syllable, while the long i-matra follows the syllable's grapheme). Thus in the word हिन्दी "Hindi", the sign for the first (short) "i" comes *before* the sign for the "h", but the sign for the second (long) "i" comes *after* the sign for the "d".

So once you're internalised them, lots of systems seem easy. But even the 'easier' ones has plenty of complexity.

@deshipu @kaushalmodi

Have built myself a little blog using #hugo and its a joy to work with. Deployed with nettify and the while workflow is pretty clean to be honest.

I am teaching my son to read and I found this worksheet. What's that thing called where the letters have ligatures or are changed in size to aid reading them? If I know what this technique is called, I can search for more reading resources like this online.

Does anyone here know how to get org-mode's markdown export to properly export metadata like TITLE and AUTHOR?

This seems really basic but it's not working.

So obviously my tests would fail on if I ran them after a long time :P

Turns out that texinfo 6.1 had a regression that broke how eless parsed the Info manual name.. after I hour or 2 I discover that regression. Texinfo 6.1 somehow had stopped sending the Info File name to the stdpipe.

Then I bump up the travis OS to , which updates texinfo to 6.5 and that test starts passing again.


That said, an even more robust version of eless, version 0.6 is out!


Now is even more stable!

Based off my reddit comment, I suppose, my eless project starting seeing some activity.. got an issue, a PR, and I realized I had not enabled cron on this project.


I discovered my first hidden camera at an AirBnB last week in Yerevan, Armenia. Always scan the wifi when you get to a new place!! #surveillance #nmap #privacy #dystopia #security #badposture

I've lately got into the *zone* to update with a new feature that I had been waiting for ever.

Folkert van der Beek (fvdbeek on GitHub) was very kind to submit a PR for that feature -- to support exporting of the Org links to other post subtrees in the same Org file.

I accepted the PR, tinkered a bit with it, and now that has /catalyzed/ me to keep on making minor incremental optimizations to that feature.

Update and try out this new feature!

The Call for Proposals for EmacsConf 2019 talks is now open! Go check it out and come hang out with us on #emacsconf on freenode.

@kaushalmodi I like to tinker ! I made the Hugo switch last week, everything went well, having made the first version on Jekyll helped me understand better some concepts of Hugo (I had tested it some times ago), it wass 200% worth it !

I learned about today. I had a buttermilk + maple flavor, and it was pretty good.

/need to put in less milk next time./

#emacs #magit

Tip of the day: you're usually using feature branch but forgot to create the branch and committed your feature to master like an idiot?

magit-branch-spinoff to the rescue.


Great tip, happens to me at least once every two weeks ><
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