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To all the ox-hugo users: If you have a public site with public Org source, would you like to be mentioned here: ox-hugo.scripter.co/doc/exampl ? :)

I stumbled across this detailed ox-hugo tutorial by Ken Grimes: kengrimes.com/ox-hugo-tutorial … It's awesome! :D

I got a keybase.io profile just yesterday. The features are pretty cool; will be finding a way to use the public/private Folder feature especially.

I still don't grasp the concept of those folders though.. isn't the content in those hosted somewhere? If so, what's the space limit?

And if not, wouldn't the content become irretrievable if I turn off my machine?

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Just discovered the Linux Biolinum font; it looks great for headings! scripter.co.

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Commas save lives.

Like, "war on drugs" and "war, on drugs".

Looking for examples of how people are setting up endpoints for their sites deployed via .

Any CSS experts out there? I have been trying to get rid of the font-resizing on my home page: scripter.co. (You will see what I mean when you open that link and simply do F5 or Ctrl+F5 a few times.)

I think it's called FOUT (flash of unstyled text): css-tricks.com/fout-foit-foft/. I have scoured a lot of places online, but couldn't yet find a solution.

Can someone have a look at my site in the browser inspector and point me to the issue that's causing that text resizing on refresh?


An update on that.. now that I am validated, emacs launches Emacs 25.3. Odd.. before validation, "emacs" launched pico! (May be an incentive to get people validated.. hmm).

Actually, I just checked, and looks like I got validated. Strange.. I didn't get any validation confirmation from sdf.org.

@marcowahl BTW I am "kmodi" on SDF. I have initiated my validation process there via Paypal donation. But looks like, an existing user like you can also validate newcomers?

@marcowahl I just signed up for an account on SDF. The first thing I did is open emacs there, and emacs is aliased to pico!! How do you use that account?

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Is anyone aware of a software alternative that is and respects (or at least, as much as it can) to event planning found in facebook/google? Actually, I currently sync a bunch of stuff to Google, so I'm open to suggestions for all kinds of stuff.

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"C-M-a runs the command beginning-of-defun" in #emacs. In #orgmode this means to call "org-backward-element" which e.g. brings the cursor to the beginning of a source block from the inside.

Just signed up for an account at pinboard.in for organizing . Importing of all my Firefox bookmarks went very smooth. It's such simple, yet a very powerful utility/service. The Firefox Webextension and Android apps are great too! Next thing to try tomorrow, its package!

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Found via hacker news:

"Doing great work usually requires colleagues of some sort.  Try to be around smart, productive, happy, and positive people that don’t belittle your ambitions.  I love being around people who push me and inspire me to be better.  To the degree you able to, avoid the opposite kind of people—the cost of letting them take up your mental cycles is horrific. " --Sam Altman

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Doing a google image search for "institutional green paint" will do your head in. bit.ly/2JzOyHr (image credit: daedra @ atlas obscura)

TIL that if I simply add ".patch" at the end of any GitHub commit link, I get to see the git formatted patch!

Example: github.com/kaushalmodi/ox-hugo

Very useful to see details about the author, commiter, changed files which I prefer over the "more helpful" GitHub Commit GUI view.