Things deleted and added recently!

Deleted: Windows, Mac OS X, Keepass (this is actually OK), iCloud, Google Search, Gmail, Facebook, Messenger, Medium, Quora, drive-by politics on Twitter, Dropbox.

Added: Linux Ubuntu, Enpass, Brave, DuckDuckGo, LifeLock, self-hosted email, a mailing list, more blog, more Reddit, a VPN, Resilio Sync. Soon maybe: Purism Librem 5.

#windows #mac #google #gmail #facebook #medium #quora #dropbox

#linux #ubuntu #enpass #brave #duckduckgo #reddit #vpn #resiliosync


Why keepass? You have a valid Foss alternative?

@kankuman KeePass is solid and FOSS, but it doesn't integrate well with browsers. Enpass is also FOSS, integrates pretty well (not perfectly, but hella better than KeePass) with browsers, and also supports cloud-based updating with Dropbox (which I've used, and that works well) and also with WebDAV (which I'm going to install TODAY on my new NAS). It's just better.

@kankuman Basically, until I switched to Enpass, I wasn't using my password manager correctly. I never memorize passwords anymore (or, very few). I never even notice them.

@lsanger @kankuman Have a look at Bitwarden if you haven’t already. I’ve been using it for over a two years now and I find it works very well:

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