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I am not a fan of Microsoft being active in the Linux kernel community.

Microsoft does not play well with others.

It makes me VERY nervous to think of the "influence" Microsoft would like to assert.

How secure is it to run on a device such as the one if proprietary vendor is not updated since such a long time and will not be any more? Is it really a good option? @ubports

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Thereby so much is explained.

“56% of the respondents said Arabic numerals should not be taught in American schools; 29% said it should be part of the curriculum“
Roman numerals, anyone? Poll suggests bias against Arabic numerals | TribLIVE.com triblive.com/news/roman-numera

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Hey! "1984" was not supposed to be a user manual!

It's 2019 now and Gattaca or 1984 fictions (your choice) are becoming our daily :-(
#privacy #mydataisMYdata


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We need MORE GIRLS IN TECH, especially in the software industry.

They now have a new, great model: Katie Bouman, 29yo computer scientist who designed algorithms to build the first ever black hole picture.

Go go go #womenintech! #KatieBouman

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Asking for email passwords to "verify" new accounts is obviously a bad idea. So why did Facebook do it? eff.org/deeplinks/2019/04/face

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It's infuriating how often I google a story to verify it, and the results are:

1) NYT (no free articles left)
2) Fox News (always free)
3) WaPo (no free articles left)
4) Breitbart (always free)
5) Daily Caller (always free)

Guess what people end up reading when this happens?

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Hi! Are any of you using MasterPassword? masterpassword.app/
Do you have any formed opinion about the way it generates passwords?
I don't think it's very widely used and appreciate your opinion... Thanks!

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