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Senegal vs Chile. They're both hardcore diving for the balloon

The Balloon World Cup is on right now:

vs just happended. That awkward moment when your opponent's president is also your country's king

Found in a config file:

// Allow all above example options to include a trailing comma and
// prevent fear when commenting out the last value.
// eslint-disable-next-line sort-keys
makeJsonParserHappy: 'even if last key had a trailing comma'

After what feels like forever, I've finally published my next F# tutorial about Authentication in SignalR and Xamarin Forms using fabulous:

After WEEKS. Finally figured out how to use cookie auth and JWT auth side by side in core.

GAAHH. Why does Core have such unbelievably difficult to use auth

I just learned how amazing the documentation is. Not only do they have a plethora of various tutorial articles, but they also allow you to log into your account so that the code examples are prefilled with your configuration settings.

Anyone know any good online 3 or 4 player games that have a casual nature like

I know about skribbl, as well as gartic phone, but those are the types of games where the more players you have, the better. So now I'm wondering if there's a good casual game designed for fewer players.


Ah yes, the most useful of error messages when running unit tests:

Expected: True
But was: False

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Die Version 2.0 der #CoronaWarnApp ist da & mit ihr auch die Funktion, welche die #LucaApp überflüssig machen könnte: Jetzt lassen sich in der App QR-Codes für Veranstaltungen & Orte erstellen und scannen. Ich habe mir das ganze mal angesehen: 1/13

If you follow this path, you'll find a gnome house.

Picture taken in Bavaria

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My Ultimate Tic Tac Toe game is coming along nicely ╰(◕ᗜ◕)╯

From someone trying out io_uring:

"If you're unfamiliar with async I/O, it allows you to queue up reads and writes to run in the background, and check back later to see if they're done, without having to wait before you start doing other things (like submitting even more requests). This ain't no fancy pantsy high-level javascript event loopy memory safey framework though"

Question: How do short character limits in free texts work (e.g. on Birdsite) for non-english languages?

I imagine it would be less expressive in languages like , or character based languages like or might have an easier time fitting more content into a single message

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