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I've always wondered if software in the UK and other places in the same timezone have less because of to conversion issues

Success! My contribution to has been reviewed and went live ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

Dammit v2. Why do you have to be so strange and weird to configure.

Still haven't figured it out, after following every getting started tutorial because any in depth documentation seems to be non-existant


Hey everyone. What are your favorite live wallpapers?

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I'm so happy Signal finally has video calls on Desktop

Ummm... I may or may not have unleashed a rogue bot on the world (-_-。)

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It seems only some instances allow it? It seems I can follow accounts on one instance, but not another

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help please.

Can I follow an account created with using this mastodon account here?

What can I, a resident in Germany, use a gift card for Amazon US for?

Overheard my wife teaching English:
"I want you to explain to me very convincingly why regular meetings are a waste of time"

So unsure about learning or for development. If this were for hobby projects, kotlin would win.

But it seems in the enterprise area xamarin is still preferred

Curses! Foiled by . I was trying to implement a really stupid idea with the new profile readmes by getting the referer header and generating a playable tic tac toe svg based on query params.

But nnnooOOOoooo. GitHub had to go and proxy the image request and strip the referer header out.


Alright, time to tell everyone about an library I've been working on for UI Testing in
Scrutiny (
It's a library designed for UI testing by modeling your UI as a state machine. The idea is to model a single page of a web app as a state, and then it creates a directed graph out of it to then randomly navigate through it

And the accompanying blog post explaining a little why I created it:

Simple explanation as to how certain pieces of syntax sugar in work, and how to use them yourself. Nicely written.

It's these kinds of articles/blogs that I enjoy reading the most

Ok, why is Money Heist the best show I've ever seen?

Interesting and simple to follow developer guide from the French commission on informatics and liberty about and how to write to be compliant.

Also available on

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