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Alright. New Greenfield project at work. Maybe we can convince the customer to try .

Not as unlikely as you think

Welp. Could not be more hyped. Anyone that hasn't played , drop everything you're doing and go play it

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 - Official Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2019

How odd. Just a few days AFTER I implement custom logic for slug generation, I discover a small library that accomplishes exactly that.

Time to I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyone have experience with actions? I'm assuming all data gets purged after a workflow, but I couldn't find mention of it explicitly in the docs. Specifically items in the $HOME dir of the runner

Alright . You're black Friday sale convinced me to get a paid account. Don't make me regret this

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Colleague after plugging in a projector: "Wow, my resolution. It looks like it's from the middle ages"

Ah yes. Code comments. Always so descriptive and up to date. Found in an configuration:

# listen on port 80
listen 5000;

Can't say I fully understand how works, but I finally managed to get it correctly configured in a Giraffe app behind

Now on to write a blog post for the

Colleague: "Recipes aren't idempotent, but it would be cool"

Happy to those that celebrate it, and to everyone else, have a fantastic day

Watching Homeland season 3, and I was reminded of Stuxnet. Got to tell my wife the story of "The most sophisticated virus ever written"

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Google's started rejecting updates to the most useful adblocking extension in Chrome, so watch out, things are gonna go downhill *really* fast from here on out. switch back to Firefox now while you have a chance.

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We got accepted by GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund:

If you support us this way, GitHub will match your contribution!

#xenko #gamedev #indiedev

error && <Error error={error} />

Found in a codebase. Do you think that this has something to do with errors?

I'm finally ready to show off my Personal Blog site. Written from scratch, with the goal of keeping the client side as lightweight as possible:

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F# 4.7!

FSharp.Core targets net standard 2

Parameter indentation no longer as strict

Pretty printing of record types in FSI and tooltips

Also nameof operator (mostly)

All this in .Net Core 3!

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