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Well this is really disappointing. Since I was finally convinced by @adammish to use , I made the switch. But I do a lot of development, and the dotnet debugger is proprietary software that only works with VS, , and VS for Mac.


I wonder how many web Developers use [fuse box]( instead of for their Frontend development.

It seems really interesting with it's focus on and much simplified config files, as well as it's built in task runner.

And does anyone know if there's a fuse box dev server Middleware for similar to webpack dev Middleware?

Im most interested in using it with giraffe and fable.react for some fancy SSR coolness

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♲ please don't support the reanimated corpse of Telltale Games. they laid off their entire staff, got snapped up by shady millionaires, and now they're hiring people back as freelancers without benefits. get your games elsewhere

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I think I'll be trying this in my next console app. Gets rid of so much settings boilerplate! Thanks @shanselman #dotnet…

This is the way to properly develop .

Live reload, AND debugging in at the same time

Success! Finally managed to introduce F# in a client project.


Smart home project ideas: must remember Mozilla WebThings

Oh why must Create-React-App include such an overly complex config?

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"Rust in peace: Memory bugs in C and C++ code cause security issues so Microsoft is considering alternatives once again"

This will draw more attention to #Mozilla and the #Rust project. 😎

Via @TheRegister

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