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"that being said, i would never choose vba over anything

i'd take an abacus over vba"

- /u/WhyDoIHaveAnAccount9 on reddit

"On a side note, I am now using the forest fissure as my own personal lavatory. I wonder if I am pooping into another dimension..."
- Rogue Legacy

Seeing the "AWS loves Rust" post on reddit, it really seems like there's more irrational hate, than there is irrational hate on /r/programming


For me it's mostly a principle of the matter thing. The whole privacy and decentralized aspect.

Additionally, people tend to respect the controversial topics and put them in content warning tags.

Funny story, I haven't actually found any .Net specific developers, except for maybe @hankg. But there's e.g. @xenko for a specific .Net project. Alternatively, you could look through to find others

Hi and welcome. I don't know if you use twitter at all, commonly referred to as birdsite here.

But basically I use it mostly to toot any releases of my (rare) blog posts, and other tech news I want to share with people. I follow some people that are mostly also techies, but don't make a specific point about what kind of tech they're in.

Aside from that, it's also common for everyone to make an introductory post with the introduction hashtag.

"Pair programming is the of the world"

-- togglebit on twitch

about what might be the most convoluted international border. It's between Germany and Belgium near Aachen.

If anyone else knows about other strange borders, I'm all ears

Alright people. I finally got around to writing an introductory blog post that hopes to explain how to integerate with a giraffe web server and forms as the client.

Boosts appreciated

I like using media player, but it also doesn't have chat. There's supposedly plugins for that, but i've never gotten any of those working.

That being said, works for me in at 1080p.

Alternatively, you could try this plugin:


Sollen wir den Engländern zeigen wie wir warmes und kaltes wasser von gleichen Wasserhahn bekommen?

Gruß von München


Hello, Germany here. Lüften is serious business for us. And these windows are the most useful things ever. Our balcony doors also use this amazing hinge system.
It's nice because we can leave the window open when no one is home without fear of anyone climbing in through the windows because the hinge simply doesn't allow it.

Now I'm going to open my window in my office because it hasn't been lüftet yet.


To all my people (?) that support , we can make our voices heard with this petition:


DST strikes again. I've gotten pretty good at dealing with timezones, but daylight savings..... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I've always wondered if software in the UK and other places in the same timezone have less because of to conversion issues


Thanks. Yeah, I requested a review because it was my first edit :)

Success! My contribution to has been reviewed and went live ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

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