How odd. Just a few days AFTER I implement custom logic for slug generation, I discover a small library that accomplishes exactly that.

Time to I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyone have experience with actions? I'm assuming all data gets purged after a workflow, but I couldn't find mention of it explicitly in the docs. Specifically items in the $HOME dir of the runner

Alright . You're black Friday sale convinced me to get a paid account. Don't make me regret this

I tried to click the play button on the video :(

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I want to love Signal, but not being able to make calls from my desktop is a serious problem for me, and they seemingly do not care?

Colleague after plugging in a projector: "Wow, my resolution. It looks like it's from the middle ages"

But encrypting digital data is a lot easier than securing money. One is built into a lot of software, the other requires additional hardware (e.g. a safe)

Not as many languages, but far better translations


I'm assuming whoever wrote this config file just copied some template and didn't bother to remove any comments, as they already knew how to write a config file

Ah yes. Code comments. Always so descriptive and up to date. Found in an configuration:

# listen on port 80
listen 5000;

It's a different kind of anxiety. With extreme sports you have to worry about getting injured and having everyone try to make polite Smalltalk with you by asking how you got that injury.

You open yourself up to more social situations if you mess up. That's the real adrenaline rush

Can't say I fully understand how works, but I finally managed to get it correctly configured in a Giraffe app behind

Now on to write a blog post for the

Ein Moment...
Kann ich mit diesen Tool von eine CLI Signal Nachrichten schicken als ob es mein Handy währe, ohne eine zweite Nummer zu registrieren?

Colleague: "Recipes aren't idempotent, but it would be cool"

What exactly are you trying to do? In my experience dotnet add package worked for me without mono.

Alternatively, you could try paket as an aforementioned local tool

In defense of local tools are brand new, and even global tools are relatively new. I'm sure when more people stay using them, they'll become easier to use with updates to .Net Core

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