DST strikes again. I've gotten pretty good at dealing with timezones, but daylight savings..... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I've always wondered if software in the UK and other places in the same timezone have less because of to conversion issues


Thanks. Yeah, I requested a review because it was my first edit :)

Success! My contribution to has been reviewed and went live ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७


Turns out my problem wasn't configuration, it was firewall problems


Dammit v2. Why do you have to be so strange and weird to configure.

Still haven't figured it out, after following every getting started tutorial because any in depth documentation seems to be non-existant


Hey everyone. What are your favorite live wallpapers?

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I'm so happy Signal finally has video calls on Desktop


Strange timezones strike again. Personally, I still like that NZ has a couple of 45 minute offsets:

New Zealand, Chatham Islands: UTC +12:45 / +13:45

Ummm... I may or may not have unleashed a rogue bot on the world (-_-。)


My problem with TDD tends to stem from writing new systems, and not knowing exactly how I want any given function to act. So I don't know how I could write a useful test before my function in such a way that I wouldn't be rewriting the test 10 times as I try and figure out how I want to structure my code.

But I'll definitely remember this technique for when I'm writing tests for existing code

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Alright. I'll keep playing with it. Thanks a lot everyone

Additionally, I can manually edit the mastodon url to follow the account in the pleroma instance that doesn't work, but from that changed URL it does work

@category @bunni @stolas

Someone else's. Something strange I've discovered in the meantime:

I can go to an account on pleroma.site, and then click remote follow and enter my mastodon account. Then it will work.

If I try the same thing from e.g. fedi.absturztau.be,

then remote follow simply says "Error: Something went wrong."

The only difference I can see between these instances is the pleroma version

@category @stolas @bunni

It seems only some instances allow it? It seems I can follow accounts on one instance, but not another

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