This past week I finally jumped into the crypto world. I really regret not having done it sooner but at least I’m here now and I can’t stop reading about it

Any suggestions for reading material, channels I could join or things I should do are very welcomed


Coincidentally, so did I. I'm also looking for intro material. Specifically I'm interested in how proof of stake works.

I've bought stone ethereum and cardano ada. Also a few doge because 😂

@kaeedo i don’t even know what proof of stake is lol

I also bought eth and doge but sold the doge before it went down and am no longer interested in owning it haha but it was fun.

I’ve been reading many crypto subreddits and there’s a lot of misinformation and scams everywhere so I’ve had to spend time verifying what I read before I form an opinion. Some of the info an discussion there is good though

The way I understand proof of stake is the next evolution of proof of work.

Where with BTC you need really powerful computers to mine coins, with proof of stake you simply "stake" your coins over time to earn more. I have no idea how it works >.<

But according to a friend who's into crypto, it's the future, and ethereum is also moving towards it

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