I will not participate in #Hacktoberfest this year, although contributing to #OpenSource and #FreeSoftware is my day job. First, I already have enough t-shirts. But second, the ecosystem I use on a daily basis is mostly made up of projects that use GitLab, or BitBucket, or sr.ht, or Fossil, or sending patches by mail, or GNU Savannah, or (good grief!) even SourceForge. I think only two of the projects I contributed last year were on GitHub.

The #FOSS world is so much bigger. Don't forget that.



Can I ask what you do that you get paid to contribute to ?

Also side question. What's your opinion of Fossil?

@kaeedo my company builds embedded linux systems and our customers pay us for that. kind of open-source-developers-as-a-service.

@kaeedo about fossil: it's… unique… and I haven't quite understood why it was invented. but hey, not my problem, it exists, and as long as sqlite takes patches sent by mail, I'm not bothered :)


Well alright. Thanks for the response. I find fossil interesting because IIRC it's made by the same people as sqlite, and also utilizes it's philosophy of everything in a single file. I just have no reason to use anything but

@kaeedo yeah, same here ^^ check the source tarball into a new git, hack on it, git-format-patch... 🙃

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