Trying out hosted by . It works really nicely. I like it.

I really enjoy the project as a way to get away from proprietary solutions

I've finally run into my first "Site breakage" using fingerprint protection D:

etesync-web uses to hash a password using argon2, and fingerprint protection as well as origin break it :(

Just discovered , a competitor to , but completely free to play. Relies on donations to stay afloat, but seems to be really well made.

I just learned about the guide.

Does anyone know if there exists an API for this data so one could potentially build a browser extension and display privacy tags when doing things like online shopping?

Finished with an unbelievably tense grand final match. I'm impressed

Some intense discussion going on in the video replay between and

Senegal vs Chile. They're both hardcore diving for the balloon

The Balloon World Cup is on right now:

vs just happended. That awkward moment when your opponent's president is also your country's king

Found in a config file:

// Allow all above example options to include a trailing comma and
// prevent fear when commenting out the last value.
// eslint-disable-next-line sort-keys
makeJsonParserHappy: 'even if last key had a trailing comma'

After what feels like forever, I've finally published my next F# tutorial about Authentication in SignalR and Xamarin Forms using fabulous:

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