Has anyone else always made sure to keep the egg carton well balanced? Or is it just me?


I feel I must mention the good in the world in these times:

My neighbor is wheelchair bound, and has a very helpful dog that tries to help by picking things up for her. Today the dog got separated from her and was sitting in the building waiting to be let in.

The delivery man that usually delivers packages got worried when no one answered the door, and called for help.

But, happy ending, she just took a turn while the dog was temporarily looking away, and they were reunited shortly after help arrived

Finally ready. I have pushed an update to my UI testing library . In this release, the main addition is a nice interface for usage from .


For those that enjoy indent based blocks a la or , sometimes things get really weird when the amount of characters in an operator changes how the compiler interprets it:


"that being said, i would never choose vba over anything

i'd take an abacus over vba"

- /u/WhyDoIHaveAnAccount9 on reddit

"On a side note, I am now using the forest fissure as my own personal lavatory. I wonder if I am pooping into another dimension..."
- Rogue Legacy

Seeing the "AWS loves Rust" post on reddit, it really seems like there's more irrational hate, than there is irrational hate on /r/programming

"Pair programming is the of the world"

-- togglebit on twitch

about what might be the most convoluted international border. It's between Germany and Belgium near Aachen.


If anyone else knows about other strange borders, I'm all ears

Alright people. I finally got around to writing an introductory blog post that hopes to explain how to integerate with a giraffe web server and forms as the client.

Boosts appreciated


To all my people (?) that support , we can make our voices heard with this petition:


I've always wondered if software in the UK and other places in the same timezone have less because of to conversion issues

Success! My contribution to has been reviewed and went live ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

Dammit v2. Why do you have to be so strange and weird to configure.

Still haven't figured it out, after following every getting started tutorial because any in depth documentation seems to be non-existant


Hey everyone. What are your favorite live wallpapers?

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I'm so happy Signal finally has video calls on Desktop

Ummm... I may or may not have unleashed a rogue bot on the world (-_-。)

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