I just sent an email using . It honestly felt like discovering the ancient magicks used to create the world.

This toot probably also shows my (lack of) age....

So i was telling my wife about common physics bugs in various video games today, such as when two rigid bodies get stuck inside each other, and then shoot off into space, and then she asked me simply
" Why don't they just make it work correctly? "

And i simply couldn't respond. She knows damn well it's not that easy, but why don't they just make it work correctly...

Why is simultaneously really nice, but also incredibly complicated to work with? ??

Succesfully got live HTML reports proxied behind

Next Steps: parsing browsers, operating systems, and GeoIp

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At next UN conference Greata should target JS devs for emitting CO2 from loading 2Gb of node_modules in create-react-app. Maybe she can stop this madness.

Terrible idea of the day: enabled

Automatically get a status of how many free pieces of Tupperware you have, and usage statistics based on which are used more than others.

Premium feature, best calculate how to arrange the free ones using some fancy spring algorithm

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"If you have users complaining about displays randomly flickering it could actually be connected to people sitting on gas lift chairs."

via 🐦 twitter.com/royvanrijn/status/ , which also contains a nice video demonstration

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Leb wohl #Google! Ein schöner Beitrag aus der #taz, der nochmal aufzeigt, wie mächtig Google geworden ist und warum es wichtig ist, Alternativen bekannter zu machen und zu nutzen.

Alright. Just joined the F# Software Foundation and applied to be a
Let's see what happens


Happy New year everyone #2020

I hope everyone is watching Dinner for One

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RT @amolitor99@twitter.com

@computerfact@twitter.com @SwiftOnSecurity@twitter.com Nah nah it's just virtualization. You launch a VM on real hardware. Then you launch another VM inside the first VM. Then, very very carefully, you remove the hardware.

We're staying in a vacation home in and we found this drawer: an assortment of various hard liquors, wines, as well as cooking oil and vinegar. I'll be happy with the though ( ╹▽╹ )

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does signal allow the use of nicknames/aliases instead of phonenumber already?

will ask again until its implemented.
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