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What's a good end to end encrypted video call & messaging app? My parents use WhatsApp, and I tried to get them to use Signal but they complain that the video quality is not as good.

Are there any other apps that people have used for video calls? I'm looking for something easy to use so I can just tell my parents the app and they can set it up on their phone.

Privacy reminder: Stop using SMS!

SMS is the least secure, least private channel of digital communication. Every conversation you get off of it counts.


The author also dismisses any concerns of lock in without a second thought. Amazon is always great and loves us, why worry about lock in!

I don't hate DynamoDB, it is pretty cool that I can type `new DynamoDB();` in a file and get an infinitely-scalable database with no additional effort. But if we call ourselves engineers, we need to critically analyze the benefits and risks of technologies.

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Also annoying: when talking about why SQL databases are bad now, they imply that storage is cheap, but CPUs are slow.

That's a half truth. Modern CPUs are extremely high performance, they can crunch numbers like crazy. The bottleneck is often the IO, the CPU can only pull and push data to disk so quickly. Which would mean optimizing for storage is more valuable than ever because the less data you need to read, the less your CPU is bottlenecked!

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The DynamoDB book compares connections to DynamoDB vs SQL databases as "HTTP-based model" and "TCP-based model" and implies the TCP-based models are slower at startup.

My brother in christ, what do you think the HTTP runs on?

Hertzbleed takes advantage of our experiments showing that, under certain circumstances, the dynamic frequency scaling of modern x86 processors depends on the data being processed.

My first package is now up: Live Limit, it's a generic Promise-based rate limiter that only keeps a limited number of function calls running at a time. It can be used for doing concurrent requests to a server while limiting the maximum number of concurrent requests.

No dependencies, and less than 1KB minified and zipped!

A lot of people hesitate to write ALT-texts, or image descriptions, because they don’t know where to start, or are afraid of getting it wrong.

Here is a great article on how to think when writing ALT-text for images you share.

#accessibility #a11y

Could anyone point me towards a tutorial or guide on how to contribute to ? There's a mall near me that's pretty much completely unmarked so I'd like to add it all in.

Bonus points if I can do it on my phone, so I can do it while I'm there and confirm everything is in the right place!

The first version of my project Bulgur Cloud is out. It's a self hosted cloud storage like NextCloud, but it's a more lightweight option.

It's not yet in a state most people would find useable, but the source code is at , a read only demo at (use test as username and password), and Docker images . Releases are available for both x86_64 and ARM.

Just came across this interactive experience which explores segregation. Would recommend taking a look:

Migrated my blog to Hugo. The theme I was using was a bit large, so I trimmed it down by stripping some javascript and cutting down on fonts. It's 34KB gzipped! Here's what I did, it's not much:

Are there any people on the fediverse who share vegan/plant-based recipes? I used to follow a bunch of people on Instagram, but I'm trying to avoid Facebook.

I'm annoyed by how quotes and commas are supposed to be placed:



But the comma is not part of what I'm quoting!

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