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Discovered Toshi recently, a full text search engine written in Rust, similar to elasticsearch. Haven't tried it yet but it looks pretty cool, the number of new cool projects in Rust is very impressive.

I am constantly amazed by the work of the Sea Shepherd crew, they document the devastation in the oceans like no other.

Here's a picture of 100'000 dead fish dumped by the Dutch super trawler F/V Margiris in France's Bay of Biscay.

Uspol; copyright law 

This seems really, really important! Please read and consider adding your voice!

Lucky guess

230 2/6


My wife and I are now addicted to this I think, someone help lol

229 4/6


I made a thing that updates your IP address with Gandi LiveDNS:

It was my first time using Rust and I have to say I'm very impressed

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