@hasnep Ah that's probably it, I have whitespace changes turned off. Thanks!

@emma It's a perfectly good pattern. It reminds me of using goto for cleanup in C. I don't get why people dislike it, "only one exit" feels like dogma.

@barefootstache Yeah I found that, it looks easy to use. It looks like it would be hard on a phone, so I took a few pictures of the mall today for reference. I'll input them later tonight!

A lot of people hesitate to write ALT-texts, or image descriptions, because they don’t know where to start, or are afraid of getting it wrong.

Here is a great article on how to think when writing ALT-text for images you share.


#accessibility #a11y

@tfb I know you can add the open hours of stores and stuff like that in streetcomplete, but can you add new stores that are not marked?

Could anyone point me towards a tutorial or guide on how to contribute to ? There's a mall near me that's pretty much completely unmarked so I'd like to add it all in.

Bonus points if I can do it on my phone, so I can do it while I'm there and confirm everything is in the right place!

@janriemer Does setting `browser.download.improvements_to_download_panel` to false in `about:config` help? It restores the old behavior for regular downloads, but I'm not sure about opening PDFs.

Source: ghacks.net/2022/01/23/how-to-r

@Jooiiee That's a sweet pup! Here are mine, they are rescues from the shelter who turned out to be cousins. (Sorry couldn't attach here, Mastodon keeps giving me an error): pixelfed.social/p/SeriousBug/4

@treethought Thanks, will keep you posted! That's why I started working on this. No shade on NextCloud developers because they are aiming to be a full google suite replacement, but I think there's space for something simpler.

The first version of my project Bulgur Cloud is out. It's a self hosted cloud storage like NextCloud, but it's a more lightweight option.

It's not yet in a state most people would find useable, but the source code is at github.com/SeriousBug/bulgur-c , a read only demo at bulgur-cloud.bgenc.net/ (use test as username and password), and Docker images hub.docker.com/r/seriousbug/bu . Releases are available for both x86_64 and ARM.

Just came across this interactive experience which explores segregation. Would recommend taking a look: ncase.me/polygons

bikes, sweat and how to get around, boost plz 

@jack ebikes are great for that! The assist helps you so you don't get very sweaty. Ones that are powerful enough to go without pedaling are legal in the US, which is great because you get to pick how much effort to put in. Even less powerful ones will help.

@adam @ajroach42 Looks like it's strictly a crypto marketplace? I don't like crypto so I'll pass, but good luck to him.

@ajroach42 If anyone is developing something like this and needs help, let me know. Would love to contribute.

@silviamaggi Your website design looks so clean! And I just discovered the website carbon calculator thanks to you.


@craigmaloney Once again cryptocurrencies are speedrunning the history of financial disasters

@tamazon@tenforward.social Live long and prosper Tam, nice to meet you! (Sorry I don't have a trek alt lol)

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