Could anyone point me towards a tutorial or guide on how to contribute to ? There's a mall near me that's pretty much completely unmarked so I'd like to add it all in.

Bonus points if I can do it on my phone, so I can do it while I'm there and confirm everything is in the right place!

@tfb I know you can add the open hours of stores and stuff like that in streetcomplete, but can you add new stores that are not marked?

@kaan Ah maybe not. I've mostly just added street names and missing street numbers

@tfb @kaan For me the easiest way to add shops would be OsmAnd or Vespucci editor. After uploading the new shops, one could add the details with StreetComplete without bothering with the opening hours syntax and all the other tags.


There is a small tutorial once you make an account on
The editor they use is the iD editor and it is fairly straightforward to use.

@barefootstache Yeah I found that, it looks easy to use. It looks like it would be hard on a phone, so I took a few pictures of the mall today for reference. I'll input them later tonight!


If you want a note taking app, would advise GeoNotes. You can take notes while out and about either in text form or with pictures.

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