The first version of my project Bulgur Cloud is out. It's a self hosted cloud storage like NextCloud, but it's a more lightweight option.

It's not yet in a state most people would find useable, but the source code is at , a read only demo at (use test as username and password), and Docker images . Releases are available for both x86_64 and ARM.

@kaan very cool. Been looking for less bloated next cloud alternatives. Will keep an eye on this 🙂

@treethought Thanks, will keep you posted! That's why I started working on this. No shade on NextCloud developers because they are aiming to be a full google suite replacement, but I think there's space for something simpler.

@kaan yeah definitely. Was also taking a look at the new owncloud written in go. But everything seems aimed for enterprise. Something in between syncthing and nextcloud would be great

@kaan Nice! 👍 Looks like a really interesting project!🤓

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