A lot of people hesitate to write ALT-texts, or image descriptions, because they don’t know where to start, or are afraid of getting it wrong.

Here is a great article on how to think when writing ALT-text for images you share.


#accessibility #a11y

Could anyone point me towards a tutorial or guide on how to contribute to ? There's a mall near me that's pretty much completely unmarked so I'd like to add it all in.

Bonus points if I can do it on my phone, so I can do it while I'm there and confirm everything is in the right place!

The first version of my project Bulgur Cloud is out. It's a self hosted cloud storage like NextCloud, but it's a more lightweight option.

It's not yet in a state most people would find useable, but the source code is at github.com/SeriousBug/bulgur-c , a read only demo at bulgur-cloud.bgenc.net/ (use test as username and password), and Docker images hub.docker.com/r/seriousbug/bu . Releases are available for both x86_64 and ARM.

Just came across this interactive experience which explores segregation. Would recommend taking a look: ncase.me/polygons

Migrated my blog to Hugo. The theme I was using was a bit large, so I trimmed it down by stripping some javascript and cutting down on fonts. It's 34KB gzipped! Here's what I did, it's not much: bgenc.net/2022.04.10.optimizin

Are there any people on the fediverse who share vegan/plant-based recipes? I used to follow a bunch of people on Instagram, but I'm trying to avoid Facebook.

I'm annoyed by how quotes and commas are supposed to be placed:



But the comma is not part of what I'm quoting!

minor Deus Ex (2000) spoilers 

Deus Ex is so good! I can rescue hostages without killing everyone, or kill everyone including the hostages, or ignore the hostages entirely and go to the next area. And none of those is a "game over" screen, the story keeps going and the characters acknowledge what you did.

The hostages don't magically know how many enemies are left either! They have to trust me to have cleared the way for them!

Oh Rust is not that hard. See this variable is an Arc<Mutex<Option<ImageBuffer<Rgba<u8>>>>>...

(I kid, it's actually pretty fun)

Release 1.1.0 of my live DNS updater `gandi-live-dns-rust` is out. It automatically points your domain to your IP address (if you have your domain with Gandi).

Now comes with rate limiting! Statically linked binaries & tiny docker images available.


Finally wrote something for my blog after... 6 years?! Here's how I set up RAID to get a lot of storage space for cheap.


has a massive bundle to help Ukraine, with all proceeds going to charity. It helps victims of war, and you also get tons of cool games. Please take a look if you have some money to spare.



(PSA to use snowflake if you can spare the bandwidth to help people avoid censorship and access information)

Is there a foss Android browser with extension support? Firefox for Android only allows some vetted extensions, but I'm missing a couple extensions I'd like to have.

Dendron 0.84 #release has sprouted 🌱

- Speed improvements in "Dendron: Show Preview"
- Pod V2 is now available to use directly from dendron-cli :bash:
- New "Community Teatime" events starting this week 🍵
- Contribute to good first issues in Dendron code
- This is the first time we're announcing releases via Fosstodon! :fosstodon:


Recently found Garage (garagehq.deuxfleurs.fr/), basically diy S3 that can run across a variety of hardware and without dedicated network backbone etc. Looks pretty cool, does anyone have any experience or thoughts with it?

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