Trying to start blogging again

A walk in the woods

If you like it (or don't), let me know. If you want it in gemini space too, let me know :)

@melyanna i totally agree with you. Unfortunately the government here makes it more and more difficult not having a google/apple phone with their endless apps. It is still possible but it is becoming more and more cumbersome.

I'm also totally in the boat of separating work and private. We will end up having to carry 3 phones 🤣 one for work, one for everything private and one for forced android/ios apps.

@melyanna I have not found it quite ready as a daily driver yet. But keep us updated with your experiences with it :)

@cat wow thats rotten. Time to leave github for good.

@clerian ln -s /usr/bin/git /usr/bin/github && chown microsoft /usr/bin/git

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