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Update: taking graduation photos has helped it sink in a bit.

It's very difficult to have primary love language of Quality Time living in a world full of technology and distractions. People would often rather get to know each other digitally than meet up for coffee or something. And I'm not even that social of a person.

Here is a radical hypothesis: most software developers are out to help people.

That's why corporate red tape and endless JIRA tickets annoy them: they prevent them from helping people.

My immediate reaction to the linked toot was "Yeah, duh?" Then I stepped back for a second and remembered that I had to learn how to program, including little tricks like this one. A quick tip on JavaScript became a quick tip on humility.

Remember to be kind to those learning the basics, we were all in that boat once!

Alright, it's settled. I'm jumping out of bed for long enough to make some hot tea and grab my MacBook, and then working from under this comforter. Pro of a remote workplace I guess?

I hate cold weather because it makes me want to get out of bed even less 🙃

Can't believe I'm graduating in 4 days, still surreal. Incredibly excited for this next chapter of my life.

I feel like the biggest thing preventing Hangouts Chat from displacing Slack is the lack of third-party buy in. I'd use it since we already pay for G Suite, but it can't do nearly enough, bot-wise.

you can measure your age by the number of muscles you've discovered by injuring them doing things like getting up out of a chair

I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

in my mind, my entire life divides naturally into two radically different periods which are separated by when I finally mapped caps lock to escape

get with it, people!

mastodon is written in ruby, which is supposedly a garbage collecting language, and yet my toots pass through unscathed

Epic Games is facing legal action over ANOTHER dance emote? Come on guys, Copyright law isn't that difficult.

i need to make an app to rake my leaves. 🍂

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