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@boxjon The biggest thing keeping me using 1Password is the mobile experience. I've tried several others that have bring-your-own sync, but the autofill mechanics in 1Password mobile are unbeatable right now :/

Really wish I could buy a standalone license for the latest @1Password Windows version.

Any photographer worth their salt can add glitter in Photoshop anyway, no need to harm the environment folks.

The biggest thing I'm missing is the ability to switch accounts easily.

Did you know: is installable on Android? It honestly works pretty well too, great for you're low on space, using a slower device, or just don't want to install the real app.

Stop tweeting spoilers of shows the day after they air, especially if you're not even going to warn about it! Good grief

It's really cool that Facebook pages are somewhat penalized for not responding to messages in 15 minutes or less, and that the Pages Manager app makes that super easy by not notifying you for hours.

I'd be satisfied even to get reliable machine *kerning*


"All I do is chip away everything that doesn't look like David." - Michelangelo (

Or this one:
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein (

Where the idea REALLY comes into play is when it comes to the priority queue of tasks to be completed in the sprint... "What do we cut from the sprint so we can implement your glorious vision?"

@russsaidwords wow, I love these. I'm saving this Toot for frequent referencing.

@russsaidwords I saw something very useful about UX design that applies here: do not add anything to an application unless you also remove something to make room.

Obviously doesn't apply until the app is somewhat "finished," but a great mindset.

"We should write our own authentication and session handling."

*swats with a rolled up newspaper*


@CodingItWrong second place for me is the tendency to ask a super broad question but keep making people guess answers until the incredibly specific term finally comes up.

If I knew the answer to your question, I wouldn't be here.

The new verbal tic that really bugs me: saying “right?” while teaching. “Right?” means you expect me to already know it. If I already know *everything* then why am I taking this course?

"Developers are lazy creatures, we like to automate stuff, we write scripts, use File Automation to get rid of repetitive work.

One would think that we’d use the same principles in our jobs, yet I’m constantly surprised how few developers actually invest their time into building tools and setting up processes inside their app to ease their day to day work."

Investing time into developer tools

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