@trevdev with that said, maybe check out Parcel. It's like webpack but zero config

@trevdev anytime! Leveluptuts has a good series on it if you're looking for a quick start, but I'm sure their docs are good too. Let me know what you think, I'm excited to give it a deep dive soon too!

@trevdev Gridsome is basically Gatsby for Vue, all the way down to the GraphQL data layer. Comes with markdown support because of that.

@djmoch well if you were open to the smart bulbs themselves, I'd also recommend using a physical dimmer switch.

Off work sick today and just woke up from a nap. I was dreaming I was eating some *historically* bad beef lo mein.

@djmoch not exactly what you asked, but would smart bulbs do the trick instead?

Enjoy ? Want to hear some performed live by a full orchestra and massive choir? You're in luck! There are 2 shows this weekend: t.co/0embYhCyvj

Watched a video on @Loupedeck earlier, now I'm super interested in these sorts of tools for both and

It's funny that "chronological" is noteable a feature in 2019, but honestly it's the thing that most caught my attention from this tweet. t.co/Pzmjl9FKv7

It's almost magical how little traffic there is around a college campus after the semester ends.

Hey , great news! @Lowes is an easy target because their passwords have a max length of 12 characters!

Agreed, although I think one other important piece is how much Avatar's production (and even more, production of the two sequels) has affected the graphics industry. Nvidia and Cameron's team partnered to make realtime CGI more realistic, and it's no doubt helped consumer tech. t.co/XUPoirHh0R

That's super useful for projects that are still using lower complexity setups like a simple gulpfile for compiling styles & reloading, definitely going to look into this for future side projects t.co/EnZ5tz1LNf

Oh hey don't forget to check out my Instagram at t.co/sENUmR4c65 and subscribe to jwkicklighter on YouTube, cool thanks

When did it become popular to reply to accidentally viral tweets with self-promotion? I guess I can't blame people, but it's annoying when I expect there to be actual conversation and it's just a link to 100% unrelated content.

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