Reading about Typescript being so popular is an interesting reminder about how Microsoft is not the company they used to be.

This may be the stupidest thing that has made me laugh uncontrollably in 2019 so far.

Lol I love asking a question on Twitter and getting a bunch if Likes with no helpful replies 🙃

Say what you will about Google Stadia, but I think that no matter the outcome, one thing is becoming clear: the next several years are going to get very exciting in terms of how the general public thinks about software, even outside of gaming.

Do I walk across campus in the rain + 56° weather or do I pay $5 to park in the garage near where I'm going? 🙃

What are people's thoughts about Sentry vs. Rollbar? Sentry looks to be cheaper for the same volume, plus nicer GitLab integration, and I don't see any glaringly obvious missing features.

Shamrock shakes are false advertising. They have zero shamrock content. I detected a severe amount of mint flavoring.

@jlamar this makes a lot of sense. The comfort level is what I know would be hard to find elsewhere, and what ultimately stops me from switching things up.

@jlamar I've thought about Owncloud, but I'm not sure if I'd ever do my own email server. My luck would be that it goes down when I need it for something important. Also the security risks are higher with something like that.

@farhan that's why I said it isn't the whole picture. Every incident is a bit different.

@mikebabb wow I certainly hope so. It's been so frustrating for years

@jlamar curious what services you use instead, and how they compare :)

@farhan it's not the whole picture, but some of it is likely a notoriety thing. Imo, the media should stop sharing the names of the shooters and start focusing on the victims.

Does anyone else have the issue in the share menu where you have to tap the app icon you want to share to like 50 times before it actually works?

@rejcx @millenomi fwiw, I think VueJS came out of a similar frustration and as a result does a good job of being fairly easy to pickup. At the very least, it keeps the JS separate so a designer can touch just the styling and markup.

Wow! I love this design, it immediately made me start thinking of ways to make software feel more at-home in various users' hands.

Super disappointed to see that @googlephotos support is being removed from @IFTTT. That was in my most used applets.

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