The transition to BBVA is only days away and I still can't believe Simple is closing and my account will lose so many of the things that made me choose their bank to begin with. I'll only be staying with BBVA until I find a suitable replacement.

@trevdev there's irony in leaving Facebook to find refuge in Instagram (referring to your wife and friends, you seem well aware of the situation).

Give a man a program and he'll be frustrated for a day.
Teach a man to program and he'll be frustrated for the rest of his life.

@jele @eloquence I'm not sure if it is the case, but I've often wondered if RMS is autistic and/or has asperger's. His speaking characteristics are very similar to people with those conditions that I know personally, and it would explain much of his behavior.

Agree with both of you, if this is the case it should be used as a lense to understand, and then some work could be done on his end to correct the tendencies as much as possible.

@yakkoj I still think there's going to be less to maintain. Things like payment infrastructure will change, vulnerabilities need to be patched (and having the service only allow downloads is less to have to keep patched). Not to mention there's a customer support staffing requirement.

It's all speculation as to how much of an impact it makes, but there had to be something financially useful. Otherwise they'd just be closing off a revenue stream for no reason.

@yakkoj well to be fair... If barely anyone is buying games on the old stores, it doesn't make sense to keep running them. Services aren't free.

@fifonetworks Ah! I believe I actually had them combined in my head too, which is why I put the disclaimer about not knowing if it was a hardware thing or not. But now I see what Windows Fast Startup is doing.

> The speed boost comes from the Windows kernel being saved on your hard drive and loaded when booting

Can that *really* save much time? Unless Windows is performing a massive amount of computation when it loads the kernel normally, I can’t see how this does much.

@fifonetworks Fast Boot seems like one of those vendor lock-in features intentionally misnamed to make unknowing user believe they are perceiving some kind of benefits.

Unless I'm mistaken in thinking this is related to the feature that locks your system from running anything but Windows.

@CodingItWrong thank you for including Vue. Too many of these resources are React only, and I find myself doing mental gymnastics to parse the ideas and apply them correctly.

Alright, got my O'Reilly subscription, can't wait to use it to learn how to writw reliable softwa-

I’ve noticed that when using digital tools for thinking I end up mostly thinking about how I’m organizing what I’m thinking about, but with analog tools I think about what I’m thinking about.

@jackbaty on the other hand, you should be more able to filter these out since they're from a single "user" who isn't making actual code commits. Although not in the web UI.

@jackbaty @CodingItWrong and it makes sense on mobile, but in my opinion should not have made its way to desktop. We don't try to shove wide content onto phones, so we shouldn't use poor button placement on desktops.

@ashfurrow thanks for the write-up!

I know several questions have already been asked, but I have one that I haven't seen yet: is there a particular reason you decided to run the DB yourself rather than using a hosted solution? DO has hosted DB plans, and there are numerous other ways to do it (I'm a fan of Aiven, although it can be pricey depending on the plan). As a web dev, I don't enjoy being a DB admin.

Same could be done with redis too, although that's easier to maintain.

Wow, account security is a joke. Passwords bust be 8-16 characters, and they actually email you plain text recovery codes when you activate 2FA.

7 months after launch still doesn't integrate with Google Assistant, a feature that the old HBO streaming app supported before it was replaced.

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