I'd like to know the set of actions that led to having a completely empty gallon milk jug on a shelf in Big Lots with no signs of a spill anywhere. t.co/pZcvPdXsZE

Did some experimenting, here’s a way to pass all component props down through layers of child components in @vuejs.


Note: you have to declare props that will be passed to children, even if they’re not used in that component.

Was going to ask how this was different than nvm. Well the list on the repo gives some pretty compelling reasons, and I definitely want to check it out. t.co/4EasyW6ijp

I just got to virtually fist-bump a friend who lives in Canada, whom I've never met in-person, thanks to @NoMansSky VR. What a world we live in.

Just read an article on using SASS instead of CSS-in-JS because of better features. Joke's on you, I use both because Vue templates are awesome like that. Scoped CSS, Global SASS Mixins, and a main application.scss for base styles. 👍

@jlamar I’ll say one thing for sure though, they’re steadily removing features that kept me on Android while Apple is steadily adding features that kept me off of iOS.

@jlamar I’m not sure if “peaked” is the word I’d use, but it definitely feels like they’re focusing more on features that are for mainstream users and cutting things that power users enjoy.

Was wondering if anyone had a ready-to-go Fuzzy Search for Git Branches when I came across this excellent post by @skeppstedt! Works great 😁


Google removed the ability to snooze notifications in Q 😞

Really hoping this also works with the vim emulator `zt` and `zb` commands t.co/b5w8rTkVfH

Trying to build up the courage/motivation to dip my feet into dev for the first time in several years... And probably learn Kotlin in the process.

So I'm curious, how happy are *you* with the current Mastodon Android clients? For, you know, reasons.

@trevdev totally! Part art, part logic/reason. As much based on rules as it is based on creative thought.

@trevdev nice to see some music content from a dev! I'm always (pleasantly) surprised at how much overlap there is between the two

I LOVE that whenever an app gets my location in the background, Android Q asks me if I want to keep allowing it to. Great way to slowly convert apps to the new permission model without having to change every one all at once.

Beat Saber is what Wii Fit wishes it could have been. Played 30-60 minutes every night for like two weeks and I swear I already have better muscle definition.

@JPEG Still wish that you’d make some Android apps, I’m always jealous of the app/feature reveals you put out there!

"Excuses are the rocks where our dreams are crushed." —Tim Fargo via @momentumdash

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