Shout out to,, and for being on the State of CSS 2020 survey!

Wow, I know a lot of companies use email trackers (and thanks to, I actually know which ones) but this is WAY too far Imagine if companies called to ask why you didnโ€™t open up their snail mail flyers because they were watching you through the window.

PSA: If you're running low on Google Drive storage, make sure your trash isn't full of a bunch of old stuff. I didn't realize you could actually empty the trash, and once I did I gained about 4GB of space.

Really Facebook? A keyboard I've had listed for months is suddenly now an illegal product? Okay sure.

Happy Friday! My first 3D printer is finally on its way and I'm super excited!

Instagram's discovery algorithm is sooo annoying. Instead of anything related to my posts or images I like, the search tab is constantly flooded with half naked women. Getting pretty close to just ditching the platform.

This unsubscribe page made me so irritated. Maybe itโ€™d be โ€œcuteโ€ if it was a newsletter I wanted at some point, but itโ€™s for an advertisement email list I did not sign up for.

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