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Looking into NAS options. Any suggestions?

Would like to:
- Store files less frequently accessed (old media, client work, etc.)
- Backup devices, w/Time Machine if that's possible
- Stream media over LAN
- Sync shared files between machines (again, over LAN)

One year ago today, I completed my journey at UCF. My time in school was much different than I expected, but my time in the last year has been filled with even more unexpected adventures. Looking back fondly on the memories, and looking forward to what the future holds!

I tried Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from a French Presz today, and for the first time in my life I didn't hate the taste of a cup of coffee.

More experimentation needed.

I see some activity that's sort of bashing Twitter's announcement of exploring a decentralized social media spec. If you read through the thread, the primary objective is to find a standard and help move it forward. The secondary goal is to create a new one, but only if they fail to find a suitable standard.

Be careful to write the announcement off as terrible, it could bring funding and exposure to the core of what makes Mastodon so great. Only time will really tell.

It's super rewarding to spend months working on new front-end infrastructure (read: converting a traditional Rails app to use Vue for front-end) and finally hit a point where building a new UI is 10% writing new code and 90% composing existing components/modules.

There's an online task that I'd like to do, but not right now. I have the site open on my phone. I should be able to share it with Google Assistant in some way and get a reminder to come back later.

I can't wait until I get enough achievements in Steam to trade them in for one of those slappy rubber hands.

Why would a company release marketing campaigns of a feature that has not only just started rolling out, but also isn't available on their flagship device? This tweet is worse than useless because it'll actually make people aware they don't have it. Just look at the replies.

This is very clickbaity. Countless employers require invasive device profiles to be installed on devices accessing company services. Don't like it? Don't log into those services from a personal device. There are many actually scary things that big tech companies do.

It's disheartening how many echo chambers exist in the world, online or otherwise. Whatever your beliefs, on any topic, why wouldn't you want to understand what gives your opposition such conviction? Only then can there be real communication. Even the greatest debaters do this.

Why in the world is @minecraftearth not compatible with the original Pixel? It has AR Core, it JUST stopped getting OS updates, and older phones are compatible.

If Apple can't use statistics to give some people (read: women) lower credit limits, then insurance companies shouldn't be able to use statistics to give some people (read: men) higher insurance rates.

This could be interesting. I'm hoping it means better WearOS option and improved tracking (e.g. calorie/water intake) in Google Fit. But it probably means another company absorbed and shutdown. We'll see.

The Mavic Mini looks like THE drone to buy for a lot of people.

Who the heck is Boomer and why is everyone telling him it’s okay?

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