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It's disheartening how many echo chambers exist in the world, online or otherwise. Whatever your beliefs, on any topic, why wouldn't you want to understand what gives your opposition such conviction? Only then can there be real communication. Even the greatest debaters do this.

Why in the world is @minecraftearth not compatible with the original Pixel? It has AR Core, it JUST stopped getting OS updates, and older phones are compatible.

If Apple can't use statistics to give some people (read: women) lower credit limits, then insurance companies shouldn't be able to use statistics to give some people (read: men) higher insurance rates.

This could be interesting. I'm hoping it means better WearOS option and improved tracking (e.g. calorie/water intake) in Google Fit. But it probably means another company absorbed and shutdown. We'll see.

The Mavic Mini looks like THE drone to buy for a lot of people.

Who the heck is Boomer and why is everyone telling him it’s okay?

@JPEG When can we get our hands on that Mac version of Mast? 😉

And speaking of games, I wish Borderlands 3 would release on PC already.

Ah yes, it looks like the annual Halloween Steam DDOS Event is live.

Walking into a McDonald's and watching them attempt to be a good service venue makes it very apparent why Chick-fil-A makes more money per store than all of the other major player combined.

Just played Elite Dangerous in VR with a HOTAS last night and wow this sort of thing feels like the future.

So I looked at a Pixel 4 in Best Buy and the brightness didn’t seem that bad. Just wish I could see it outdoors… Soli responded well for me, and the phone felt snappy overall. Google Assistant was noticeably faster to respond as well.

It's okay to have an opinion. It's okay to disagree with someone else's. Everyone is free to share their opinion.

However, it's never OK to be an asshole. If you want to debate an opinion, don't make it personal and respect boundaries.

Hurting people is not only counter-productive but it also drives a bigger wedge between communities and breeds more extremists.

The next time you get worked up about an opinion, if it's within reason, try to say it's "not for me" instead of "they're wrong".

It's getting harder and harder to stay on Android. Pixel 4 battery life isn't looking promising, the screen is about 1/4 the brightness of an iPhone 11 Pro, it's priced too high for what it has... Biggest draw for me at this point is the Assistant being ahead of Siri.

It's kind of crazy how the Adobe products are what give me so much pause about switching to Linux. It's even crazier that Adobe claims nobody wants Linux support because I know many devs who feel the same. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mastonaut version 1.3 is out! This update brings a lot of new features, such as notifications (can be configured by account); a share extension so you can share web pages, images, and more from the share menu in other apps; pinned toots; and a lot more.

This update has been under development for the past couple of months and also brings a lot more polish to the app. I hope you enjoy it!

Oracle: “Amazon runs their entire business on top of Oracle, on top of the Oracle Database,” Ellison said. “They have been unable to migrate to AWS because it is not good enough.”


Anyone have experience with the PhotoPills app? Some of the tools in there look really cool.

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