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If you're interested in seeing more of my photography content, you can follow me at

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Guitar/bass/uke/string folks, does anyone have a recommended brand of clip-on tuner?

Successfully using `git rebase -i` to add a tiny change into a previous commit always makes me feel like a wizard.

Also this trend of getting a spam text about voting for specific candidates and issues every other week is getting old, fast.

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If I set my location to a different country will all of the social media apps stop telling me to vote? Do I need a VPN? I'm gonna vote. I'm already registered. It's getting annoying to see a reminder every time I want to do anything online.


Thanks for hurting the 3D printer community by wrecking the hobbyist license of Fusion 360. With 14 days notice.

Hobbyist who would have gladly paid for a commercial license when his print sales grew, but will now be finding an alternative.

Started my day by accidentally discarding changes on a spec file that I spent all Friday fixing, how’s your Monday going so far?

Ever notice how folks with a single large arm/leg tattoo seem to always conveniently get said tattoo right in the middle of every photo they ever take?

I have 2 months of Kindle Unlimited and want some good learning materials. Business, personal, design, programming, productivity, anything.

What should I read?

Well today ends in ‘y’ so of course is having trouble again.

Feels like it’s time to stop worrying about normalizing being open about depression and start normalizing actually talking with a professional to handle it. I see a lot of people talk about struggling depression and very few of them have every talked with a therapist.

Turns out that the soundtrack by makes for excellent workday music, especially while programming.

So in typical Google fashion, we had a single, well designed product get split into two, which both have equal marketing and development efforts, and are now targeted at overlapping audiences.

They could write a book on how to not steer product strategy.

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It's also interesting that they'd even make this move, rather than doubling down on Duo. Oh wait, they actually did that too, but not after losing (and confusing) users.

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I wonder how much market share Google would still have if they didn't make the push to remove the consumer side of Hangouts. When Covid hit, they did a complete 180 and made a massive push to get back into the market.

On that note: Hey &, your strategy should be to provide a great space for sharing 3D printing resources because you do better when the entire industry does better.

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You'd think that could afford to keep their site running since they make you disable your ad blocker to download files.

Not to mention how ridiculous that is considering the site is backed by a large company, which is owned by an even larger company.

Just got a little excited that the next Call of Duty will be called “Cold War.”

Then I realized that they don’t make campaigns anymore and the theming will basically be a waste.

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