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It's funny how many retweets I see with random strangers claiming to give out money. You know how easy it is to fake proof of that, right?

Who would've thought that the most controversial thing I'd read this week would be a comment thread on a software project?

I don't enjoy talking politics, but I more don't enjoy watching people put others down. Tribalism is high, and there are too many us vs. them mindsets. But goodness, people don't even want to have a civilized conversation if you try and open a dialogue.

Does anyone else get annoyed by the constant agreeing to cookies that international websites are required to do?

Does anyone here know what the best way to reach a wide audience would be?

I poured some intense creativity and effort into creating a beautiful ProductHunt app (called Makers) for a ProductHunt competition and would love some visibility on it. The competition is currently open to vote on, so if you have a second to spare, please upvote Makers through this link:

Thanks! 🤗

Once again looking at using to replace . Fairly happy with Rollbar, but Sentry *appears* to have the same features for cheaper. And integration with is a plus. Any thoughts?

This is a great write up of how I've felt about for years. Glad more people are starting to get it, but I'm not sure if it'll do any good.

Digging more, it looks like there’s a polyfill that uses Mutation Observer. Maybe that’s good enough?

For some reason, I misread the CanIUse chart and thought that Resize Observer was already available in Edge.

What are people currently using right now to get around this missing feature from only 1 of the modern browsers?

After the GameStop screenshoton Reddit, I was REALLY hoping to see @NoMansSky in the presentation though. Oh well, maybe one day.

I'm also not ready to watch the new Zelda trailer until I beat Breath of the Wild, so maybe that's part of my hype problem 😂

Pokemon Sword/Shield just aren't quite grabbing my attention like I would have guessed.

I'm not as excited after the E3 news as I expected to be. Although I'm hoping that I enjoy the new Animal Crossing more than New Leaf (which was already a fair amount of fun).

@brunoph oops, and:

4) using a pointer cursor when hovering anything clickable would be a nice improvement.

@brunoph 3 unrelated things:

1) Should we see notifications hit the notification center?

2) Have you considered adding a “Toot @“ button to a user’s profile view? (i.e. button to quickly fill in the composer window with their username)

3) Thanks for the great work, was an instant purchase as soon as I saw you finished!

Never really had anyone answer before... Why is it useful to verify your Keybase identity on Mastodon?

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