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I'm convinced that the GBoard gif search is Google's greatest contribution to technology.

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Quick shoutout to Kap for being a completely free, fast, and high quality screen recorder app. Check it out if you haven't heard of it:

Every time I think about looking into Adobe XD or Figma, Sketch puts out another update that reminds me how much they care about their product, and how brilliant they are at making a UI/UX design tool.

You know it's good when the 4th cup from the same leaves tastes as good as the 1st cup.

@djmoch A video *opinion* piece of how misinformation can be spread. Disclaimer: I don't support MAGA, but it's important that people see reality before making wild judgement calls.

Trying to keep my response rate on Facebook to be < 15 minutes so I get the nice banner on my page. Out of 3 Facebook apps on my phone connected to the page, none of them notified me of a message until 12 hours later.

Sure is a lot I could have done about that.

Shoutout to Postico for being a nice, slick, and easy-to-use Postgres client. Go check it out if you've never used it:

Finally taking a serious look into Static Site Gen + Headless CMS, and it's nice to be this excited about a project again.

I've wondered how books are scanned at scale. This device can scan a 250-page book in one minute.

At this rate, I think my Time Machine drive will be fully encrypted in about a month.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas from Mast 🎄🎅

To celebrate, Mast is 40% off today only!

Getting a new backup drive for Christmas is nice because sometimes it also prompts conversation that gets family members to get a backup plan in place to!

Did anyone else notice that Google Calendar just randomly started centering the dates in the day when using month view? Not a fan.

TIL you can edit your RAW photos in-camera and save as JPG on the Canon 70D (and presumably others). That's gonna make sharing from mobile MUCH faster than before.

Heading to NYC in < 24 hours and I can't find half of my camera gear 🙃

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