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"All I do is chip away everything that doesn't look like David." - Michelangelo (

Or this one:
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein (

Where the idea REALLY comes into play is when it comes to the priority queue of tasks to be completed in the sprint... "What do we cut from the sprint so we can implement your glorious vision?"

"We should write our own authentication and session handling."

*swats with a rolled up newspaper*


The new verbal tic that really bugs me: saying “right?” while teaching. “Right?” means you expect me to already know it. If I already know *everything* then why am I taking this course?

"Developers are lazy creatures, we like to automate stuff, we write scripts, use File Automation to get rid of repetitive work.

One would think that we’d use the same principles in our jobs, yet I’m constantly surprised how few developers actually invest their time into building tools and setting up processes inside their app to ease their day to day work."

Investing time into developer tools

You'd have to be crazy to buy Facebook's "Portal." Some people are skeptical of Amazon/Google abusing data from smart home devices, but Facebook has been PROVEN to abuse whatever data it can get.

Ooo this is nice. And right around when I've started designing a blog

Legitimate question: why should one care about/use the new Keybase integration?

Me: "How do engineers who design cars do it, it's the same thing over and over again"
Also me: *loves to build the same CRUD systems over and over again*

My 82 year old father calls with a technical support question while I'm at work. And I almost get frustrated, but I walk him through how to set a default printer on Windows 10 over the phone when he can barely see the Settings gear as a gear, and he can't hear me say "Printer" instead of "Winter". I hold my temper and we get through the call, and I realize that I would do tech support like that every day of my life if it meant I could keep him with me, or get my mom back.

Love your people. Be patient.

Pet peeves include: using 't' instead of 'ed'

e.g. learnt instead of learned

What's the right number of donuts? Two seems too few, three seems too many. So I'll go for four.

Monday thoughts: React is the "build a custom PC and compile Linux on it yourself" of frontend frameworks.

Yahoo Site Builder ➡️ Dreamweaver ➡️ Notepad ➡️ Notepad++ ➡️ Sublime ➡️ Eclipse ➡️ Android Studio ➡️ Webstorm/Rubymine ➡️ Sublime ➡️ Atom ➡️ Vim ➡️ VSCode

Wow that's been a journey!

Wow, what a cool idea. Seems great for things like navigation, help-text areas, sidebars, and a bunch of other stuff.

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