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Android's app timers make you very aware at just how much time you spend on social media. Setting a timer for way longer than you think you need, and then regularly having the system tell you there's 5 minutes left for the day is very eye-opening.

Hey, your status page says everything is fine, but it most definitely isn’t fine. Would like to know what’s going on.

a mastodon instance for semi truck drivers who like to decorate

Homemade Food Pics 

I love all of the companies who figured out remote work long ago sharing their knowledge with companies who are trying to scramble to make it work. It's a great non-monetary way to support others.

The real evidence of technological advances made in our time will be when we don’t start video meetings with, “Hi. Can you hear me?” After hours of troubleshooting, I have no fix. At least cancelling the subscription refunded my dollar.

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What sort of video games do the folks on Masto Tech play? Well I've narrowed it down to games that require administrator approval. But I'm the only account on my machine, and 1000% an administrator. So, cool.

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Looking through the library has so many fun titles that it seems too good to be true.

Turns out it is. Any attempt to install a game leads to incoherent Windows error codes with 50 miscellaneous "fixes" from countless forum posts. None of which actually work.

Got excited for the Steam release of Borderlands 3. Saw that it uses Denuvo.

Hard pass, but thanks anyway.

“It’s just allergies” I say, in exactly the same way that people in zombie movies say “it’s just a scratch”

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Because of the surge in people working from home right now, AT&T is removing data caps and Comcast is increasing speeds for home broadband users. Not sure we need any more proof that these caps and speeds aren't due to infrastructure problems. US ISPs are broken.

Stores I expect to email me about a pandemic: pharmacies.

Stores who actually email me about a pandemic: hardware stores, clothing stores, pet stores, restaurants.

You'd think that being such a leader in the web industry would mean Amazon could make a mobile experience that isn't horribly slow and laggy. I don't even care if it's app- or web-based.

Something happened in the past year where I've had a social media grooming mentally. I think it started with using Android's Digital Wellbeing to limit my time in certain apps. It made me realize "Wow, I actually*don't* need that stuff in my life."

I'm now at the point where seeing a post by someone who's content provides me little value immediately earns an unfollow/mute.

TL;DR Make social media provide value, not stress.

morning! got my first decent night sleep in foreverrrrr 😴❤️

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Thought I’d try the free version of Fantastical today. Really useful app 👍

Haven’t posted in a while, but I’m really happy with how this drone shot came out. The Mavic Mini is one heck of a device for how small/cheap it is.

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