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Wow, account security is a joke. Passwords bust be 8-16 characters, and they actually email you plain text recovery codes when you activate 2FA.

7 months after launch still doesn't integrate with Google Assistant, a feature that the old HBO streaming app supported before it was replaced.

It seems like is a prime example of a company that just makes changes for the sake of making changes. The Android app now has no way to search for an artist and view one album by that artist (it used to, btw).

You’re a music app, stop making it harder to find music.

Why don't either apps support biometrics? Surely they have the dev resources to devote to it.

They also don't properly support autofilling. does its best, but PayPal doesn't accept the text input.

Worst money UX on my phone.

Google is also HORRIBLE about this. New features will get announced, but the updates take months to roll out to everyone. Users like the new feature announcements, but they want to try the new things when they learn about them.

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I'd love to use the new UI on Android, but more than a week after the announcement, the update still hasn't hit my phone. Wish companies wouldn't use such slow rollout rates, especially if they make a public announcement. The waiting totally kills excitement.

Some days my Home timeline on here is so quiet that I think 90% of the people I follow blocked me or something.

Glad to see that Adobe is porting Lightroom Classic to Apple Silicon. I imagine forcing photographers to choose between the new cloud version or switching to a different app would not end well for the company.

Just found out that The Master of Disguise has a 1 on Rotten Tomatoes and The Room (2003) has a 24. I get the joke that The Room is a fantastic movie or whatever, and I get that MoD isn't exactly a masterpiece, but you cannot convince me that this rating scale makes sense.

Can't believe still doesn't connect to Assistant, especially considering THE OLD APP used to. Glad they added more content, but good grief what a step backwards in that aspect.

Okay so I appreciate the attempt, but we can do much better AR than this in 2020. Should've hired the James Cameron team or something.

Hey, thanks for sending me a marketing email with 999 other people's emails in the "to" field. It's super cool that all of us now have each other's email address and know that we all have a Coil account.

Sad that I don't get to use on my iPad Air since it didn't get to upgrade to iOS 13 :(

Shout out to,, and for being on the State of CSS 2020 survey! Funny thing is: I actually DO read these emails, but won’t let you know about it! But I’ll be unsubscribing now, thank you.

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Wow, I know a lot of companies use email trackers (and thanks to, I actually know which ones) but this is WAY too far Imagine if companies called to ask why you didn’t open up their snail mail flyers because they were watching you through the window.

Why do so many developers choose to work at Facebook? We always blast the company and the founder, but I seldom see anything talking about how people actually work there building the tools that harvest everyone's data.

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