Here's a new screencast! Learn how to use the slider package to analyze rents in San Francisco over time: 🏙💸

This week's is about the gender pay gap 🤦🏻‍♀️💸 in the UK.

In this screencast, I walk through three 3️⃣ ways to understand the relationship between the gender pay gap and different kinds of economic activities:

It has been so fantastic working with Mike Mahoney this summer on spatialsample as one of our open source interns! 🙌

The code is available here:

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This week's is about drought 🚰🥵 which unfortunately I am very familiar with.

In this screencast, I walk through how to use new features in spatialsample to understand how drought is related to other characteristics.

Will a book be on the NYT bestseller list a long time, or a short time? 📚🤔 This screencast walks through how to use wordpiece tokenization for the author names, and how to make a REST API for your model for deployment.

Just posting for the first time since 2018, no reason 🦩

I moved my bot @janeausten over to! It was really easy to migrate it over.

'A very pleasing young woman,' agreed Elizabeth. Elizabeth walked to Meryton, despite Miss Bingley's dislike for dancing.

Today was split between work (LOGISTIC REGRESSION! MAP PROJECTIONS!) and some intense parenting (NO CHILDCARE! BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT!).

I'm Julia, and I'm a data scientist at Stack Overflow, mom, open source contributor, and cat lady. 😻

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