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First they didn't have it a day after I saw it on the website, so I had to get the higher end instead. Then it turned out I can't have it shipped, I must pick it up with a government ID. Then it took them a week to get it anyway to the store, and then it was delayed two days on top of that. Then I found out I'm paying additional $50 for tax and some surcharge. Then, yes, finally I got my 3070 Ti.

... And now I don't have the right power cables for it.

And don't get me started on the fact that this smart door with the smart cooperation behind it has my phone number and everyone else in this building, along with, of course, our full address and names.

So we go through Google voice here, which forwards the calls to all of our cellphones, so we can all have the ability to open the door. I demanded that after being the "door man" for a year.

This is all very smart. To open a door. which can take a vacation.

Good morning folks!

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I live in an apartment building that has a "smart" door in the lobby. It calls yoru cellphone directly, and you can open it.

We just got our door back. From what I hear, management forgot to pay the monthly bill, so there was no way to call the phone numbers. The door had to be open at all times or we'd had to take the elevator down stairs to open it.

The door has a phone bill. We live in an age where your *door* can take a vacation.

Sometimes I wonder how "smart" these things really are.

I have low tolerance for bullshit. I really do. I wish I could say I handle it gracefully, but I don't. And it can get me in trouble.

explaining what BS is: I can't own someone else's process. If I contact that person and there's no 100% positive answer, I take that as a "no" for answer. You might have your reasons.

Turning around and saying that the silence was approval, that's BS. You said a bunch of thing, but yes wasn't one of them.

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person A asks permissions for resource B. This requires a written permissions from person C.

Person C doesn't know person A, asks questions about who they are. I only have basic information, suggest they talk to person A. Nothing happens.

Person A contacts me. I explain the roadblock. Person A writes an email to management about permission. Management says, of course, duh.

Person C turns around to me: I already gave permission.

The hell you did. I shrug it off. another day of bureaucracy.

those who don't play many video games, or usually play oldschool games on linux:

Elite is what can be considered a AAA game (not sure about their budget, but they don't cut corners). It comes with its own launcher, uses high level graphics.

It also happens to be the best spaceship simulator game I know, a sci-fi fan paradise.

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I'm tired after a long night of but it was fun. First time playing on , and I got to say, I'm impressed. It needs a lot of polish, but the way it works makes sense and made the game work very well.

In other news, I finally got elite dangerous work on linux to the point that its playable. Not well, and I need a lot of patience, but it works. I also learned a couple of things.

More on that here, if you're interested:

flexible work hours is something we should be able to take for granted. To bad many of us can't.

I'm staring at the go code for my tags on my blog, and it looks like foreign language.

wondering is there's anyone around who mind explaining this (it's like 6 lines) line by line? I'm not even sure what kind of questions to ask - which means the documentations are not helpful, because I don't know what to read up or what to look for.

just wondering. Thanks in advance!

to be fair, is probably one of the most ambitious games (if not the most ambitious) that I've ran on Linux yet.

As a matter of fact, I stopped playing the game when I switched to linux full time, since the game was only working on windows and would not work behind a VPN. Well, it does now. I want to make it work.

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So looking deeper into my issue of running on it seems the kind of issue I'm having (preformance steadly dropping from launch of the game, when it runs fine) has to do with...

not having a swap partition. This is made worse since the game is installed a s spinning disk rather than my ssd drive.

So now I need to carefully create one from a usb, since I need to have the main partition unmounted. Hmm.

meh. maybe it's time to go back to a VM. I do have a new windows machine I need to set up.

(this is for work of course, at home, always linux)

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need help on .

Anyone knows what "error: Bad bounding indices: 0,2" means? As far as I can tell, the Mac crashed (or forced restart) at some point last night.

I just watched why Americans eat dessert for breakfast. I wasn't born in the US and I always had issues with this.

Now I'm wondering if I should go around and ask people here what they want for breakfast, hopefully catch folks from Europe and other counties.


And now to something less depressing.

How do you scan your documents and store them?

My ideal workflow:
Have a task in and attach the pdf there (through ). This way I know when to do the thing, what was the thing, and I can find the thing later.

...But, how do you get a physical paper scanned and attached?

Currently I use my phone with Adobe. I don't like using their cloud. The Synology app is meh.

do you have a workflow without the cloud involved?

No one does it around me. People seem annoyed when I ask to many questions, too busy with everything else, punch out, go home.

There are a few special ones. But they are out of touch recently. I miss the days when I was less knowledgeable. Less experienced. Less... Sarcastic. Ignorance was a bliss in its own way.


Going through my notes and the issues I'm uncovering and trying to resolve, it doesn't seem anyone will. To be honest, no one did before me, it was a mess, and if I'm not there, it will become a mess again - but what hit me was, will it really matter?

Eventually, yes. Things will start breaking and no one will know where exactly or what to fix. And then another realization: I don't stop at a problem solution, I dig. I always dig. Give me an answer, not good enough, I want to know why and how.


I've been feeling "stuck" for about a month now. It's a small emotion, kind of having an annoying mosquito bite I got to keep itching. It has to do with several aspects in my life.

At work, I looked around and realized that somehow I became my own island. I always had my niche, but now it feels like I'm talking another language. I have my "thing" and others see parts of the picture, but not the whole. I was thinking what happens if I'm not there to do what I do, who picks up the slack.


Folks, always, ALWAYS, physically disconnect your Linux hard drive before running a Windows version upgrade. Don't be that guy. And by that guy I mean me.

I'm pretty sure it's happily reformatting my Linux hard drive simply because it's there. I didn't ask for it, I didn't confirm it, but oh boy, I'm gonna get it.

At least I get to shake my fist at Microsoft again...

Going deeper into another emacs hole, I'm realizing that even though I had Ivy installed for years, I barely used its full features.

I'm reading through the manual again and again but I just can't grasp what is being said. I need a visual.... Watched Prot's video and I still don't get it. There's a block here.

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