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can't load your videos... is the service broken?

Oh and of course I do this all through :

use wonderful Dired to navigate to my NFS storage via bookmark, half a second I'm there, a quick search through all files finds the one I want (another half a second), then run M-& for async command with the ffmpeg command above.

The power of finding a file in seconds in emacs without hanging emacs itself.

Magic! I love it! Every now and then I have to re-appreciate all of this, reflecting on the old GUI click days on macOS or Windows...

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I keep getting impressed by ffmpeg.

Google Pixel 6 creates a 5GB video which stutters on older machines.

I assume it's because of the 60fps, or the resolution, or the fact that maybe it uses 265h instead of 264h (not sure about this one).

I put it through ffmpeg, nothing fancy, asking it to do it's 264h magic: ffmpeg -i <file>.mp4 -c:v libx264 <file>.mp4 and Boom!

5GB down to 700MB, it works smoothly, and it's hard to see differences

I also captured a monarch yesterday, passing through the area.

I have more and hopefully more time to post later.

Good morning...
It seems like there's a big climate change bill that would do a lot of good that just passed the Senate.

Can someone verify something's good happening please? I'm not used to good news. Not sure how to take it.

A walk today , and several pictures. This is a quick taste... This guy was standing still spreading its wings in the sun.

When I unplug the Anker hub, no issues.

Also, I don't have problems using it really..? For example, when I connect my android phone, I can transfer files without a problem, my gaming controller works fine from it.

So... what exactly can be wrong? Is there a way to fix? It just bugs me at this point, it doesn't affect my workflow.

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So gurus (or folks who are more familiar with linux kernel):

turns out my Anker usb hub doesn't play nice with Linux. I have "a usb-port... cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?" message running in the background.

I thought it stops when I log in, but when I switched to the "kernel terminal" (I don't know how to call the f12 virtual terminal, the one you switch to with alt+ctrl+f12) I still see it. system logs show the same message, on repeat, for as long as the machine is up.

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"Everyone gets covid eventually" didn't work on some of us, so they're switching to "you've had covid already actually" in the US news coverage

nah I'm still staying home, thanks.

For the last week, I've been streaming my gaming on Twitch, and I quite enjoyed it!

@Cyborgneticz hey, I am just seeing this whole summer school thing...

.. do you guys think a presentation about emacs org mode and adhd (I just got officially diagnosed) has room in this? If I'm doing it, it will be about productivity and focus. I'm not sure how "geeky" the audience is.

"Apple Inc. agreed to pay $50 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by customers over an alleged defect in the company’s butterfly keyboard.

The representatives in the lawsuit alleged that issues with the butterfly keyboard could result in characters typed being repeated unexpectedly or keys not responding in a consistent manner, among others problems." - WSJ.

It's good to be vindicated.

Probably going to stream again today as well (I think in about 2 hours?) Considering leaving Mastodon open in case you don't want to log into twitch, I get it.

I'm streaming Shipbreaker. It's a game where you take apart spaceships to bits and recycle the parts... it's much more fun tham it sounds 😅

Think of zen puzzle game in 3D but with timed and dangerous elements like fuel tanks, reactors, gas pressure etc...

good morning! streaming hardspace shipbreaker again, on linux of course.

Going to start streaming in a minute, if you want to see Hardspace: Shipbreaker on Linux... trying this out.

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So, I'm going to try and stream Shipbreaker today (

Anyone interested in watching and give me some feedback as far as how shitty my stream is? 😊

I agree with the writer. If the only place you back up your stuff is in <provider> cloud, you're naive, and I'm being nice.

I work with people who lost their data because "macs never get viruses" so they keep it on the hard drive, or trust Google, Microsoft or Apple variety of such clouds.

Save yoir data. Back up your data. Back up your data *encrypted* somewhere. Then think about sharing it on the cloud.

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So yesterday, I looked into a new theme for my blog yet again.

I'm rusty on some of the settings, but figured out what I needed - setting up and creating subsections so posts shows correctly under the "blog" subfolder.

...And then, I realized the theme is integrated with and that there aren't local (it seems like it's pulled from elsewhere, and I'm guessing it's some css framework).

Ehh... no thanks. Kind of defeats the point of what hugo is to me.

I forgot I took this picture.
On a walk downtown (which I'm going to do today actually), I snapped this picture with the phone since I didn't have the camera with me.

All editing is done in Google Photos / Snapspeed.

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