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@g_love not bad, very polished. Still needs pulseaudio though (no sound after initial setup)

oh and in case you're wondering why I'm down this rabbit hole: I upgraded my gpu, and some of the AAA game are locked behind all kind of launchers that are hairy to run under Linux.

(example, Red Dead Redemption 2 works fine in Steam, but I got it from Epic... bad choice was made there)

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no sleep, so trying to figure out how to remote into a linux desktop from windows:

putty - shell is fine, but cant' use for many things I want
xrdp - works great, but no sound (can't get pulseaudio-module-xrdp working, doesn't seem to support mint 21)
x2go - works with sound, but slow and doesn't run cinnamon correctly

I guess the best solution is again with vmware. I don't know why I keep resisting it.

Also, I need sleep. Jury duty in 3 hours :(

@mrfunkedude so you're new to mastodon? your video about practicing mental health even when feeling good was good. Hope to see more long form content? :)

@65dBnoise @tom30519 ah! Ok. I'm trying to get more information myself and not sure how to navigate the nasa site. Very curious about all of this.

Anyone keeps a blog about this that is good? I'm looking for second hand data source (so someone that explains the first hand data source) and doing this sort of thing? Can be you :hades_shadesmile:

@65dBnoise @tom30519

what are we looking at here? this is not real water... what's the context?


I'm considering xrdp again from Windows to dedicated Linux machine. Noticing a bit of lag in video and special keystrokes that don't register.

Anyone with experience? Or, how do you remote in when you want desktop environment? Is vnc better (and does keys better)?

@gme why? what for? how many? why newark? lots of questions :)

Oh, so we're doing these sort of captcha now?

It's cute and all, but apparently what's short to the algorithm is not short to me.

@steven_ovadia you should check out golumn os (I think that's what it's called). It's meant for Chromebooks and the idea is to wipe chrome os completely. Might require some hardware tinkering, which is what it did (you need to remove a screw in there to get around the secure boot).

After that you can run it like other debian distros with xfce desktop etc.

@steven_ovadia I did actually made a decent Linux laptop from a used Chromebook. It is still working, some 6 years later.

@joel still an issue? I registered my email with it now.

@joel hmm ok I think I found the issue... working on it

@joel so not sure what the issue is there...

I have it there with a user name (JayTee R) on opengpg. I never really used it but it worked before.

@joel ok I need to do some work with my profile this is odd with the gpg

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