@renata why you hate that it works? Also congrats!! I'm all sore from trying out bouldering...

@eludom actually, I just wrote a draft (soon a post) about using word, for now. I listed the reasons. It's not an emacs friendly environment out there... But I'm planning a comeback.

@deshipu oh you should have told that to my anger episodes as a geometry teacher years ago. God I hated the stuff. It was one of the worst jobs.

@renata @zalasur one of my favorite topics... I have a canvas blocking plugin too, so I get those alerts that "so and so Windows computer was logging from Colorado," while I use Linux in NY, so that's a win.

Been a rough couple of days, lots of mental work. That and the fact that I've been working two positions, as I'm transitioning at work.

Been trying to write more, there are technical stuff to discuss and things I want to do for the blog, but all my writing is pretty emotional atm, not sure I can share yet (and if I do, won't make much sense).

How are you all doing, folks of mastodon?

@deshipu what about a "tool" offering a service?

Har har

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Don’t fix the process. Fix the institution/management that drives the process which ignores or doesn’t understand the process.

Writing knowledge base articles in and exporting to is not as easy as I thought. Improvisation needed.


the metal shears, of course, is my search this time. It can be anything - or not search at all at times.

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Good morning..!

Today, question for those of you using .

I get this error that happens randomly (no pattern I can recognize) when using duck duck go.

Other sites work OK (for example, if I type in google.com, it will open it no problem) it seems to be something coming from DDG specifically.

Do you guys use DDG in eww, or something else? How did you fix this error (or worked around it)?

Oh man, I forgot about this guy...
This will probably give my age. Anyone remembers this show?


@RL_Dane @dfloyd888

Actually, sorry, I stand corrected - I posted fast and this was just someone else ripping his vids.

Here's sweet dreams by the guy himself, Paweł Zadrożniak. He's pretty famous -- and it's easy to see why. Look at that thing! amazing.


@RL_Dane @dfloyd888 there's this guy who created starwars theme from clicking hard drivers, 3.5 floppy disks, and printer sounds. youtu.be/6xnSoLMJ_4k

(I'm sure it's well known, but still so so awesome. He has others)

@Crazypedia this is interesting, I keep hearing similar things... is there reading material (not super jargon though) that explains what's the deal, or, why no deal can be made?

@surak yep. Was suggested. I tried and has same audio issues as xrdp - that is, no audio, needs pulseaudio (seems like) which I tried to make work.

@joel also what's your level of experience with it? And emacs?

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