My partners tell me my weather app is too hard to understand. I don't understand.

Here, for example, forecast for Thursday. What's so complicated? 🙃

Good morning..!

Today, question for those of you using .

I get this error that happens randomly (no pattern I can recognize) when using duck duck go.

Other sites work OK (for example, if I type in, it will open it no problem) it seems to be something coming from DDG specifically.

Do you guys use DDG in eww, or something else? How did you fix this error (or worked around it)?

Oh, so we're doing these sort of captcha now?

It's cute and all, but apparently what's short to the algorithm is not short to me.

RT @tabVsSpaceKhan
If you Google Emacs
it responds with: Did you mean: vi
and vice versa

Folks, always, ALWAYS, physically disconnect your Linux hard drive before running a Windows version upgrade. Don't be that guy. And by that guy I mean me.

I'm pretty sure it's happily reformatting my Linux hard drive simply because it's there. I didn't ask for it, I didn't confirm it, but oh boy, I'm gonna get it.

At least I get to shake my fist at Microsoft again...

good morning,

I think it's a development of something @kensanata mentioned the other day, I added a reminder to include a picture from the previous day to my morning journal entries.

Here's one from yesterday from a walk. Notice the two flies caught in the background? :D

More pictures from the walk the other day. The bee was camera shy and many photos came out blurry, while the Monarch was "yeah, I'm hot stuff, take the picture, you want an autograph with that?" 🙂

Come help me finish recycling this Atlas class spaceship on in ... should be live in about an hour!

I also captured a monarch yesterday, passing through the area.

I have more and hopefully more time to post later.

A walk today , and several pictures. This is a quick taste... This guy was standing still spreading its wings in the sun.

I forgot I took this picture.
On a walk downtown (which I'm going to do today actually), I snapped this picture with the phone since I didn't have the camera with me.

All editing is done in Google Photos / Snapspeed.

good morning,

today an question: how do you call that dot that shows up next to the active header, after you open a buffer?

I see it highlighting my header after my org-capture takes me to the buffer, but not in all instances.

I'd like to customize it, and maybe have it show up more.

any idea?

Hiking up a mountain... Turned back half way because I was running out of time. The view was amazing.

It's been quite a loaded Monday today. Between a VIP taking most of my morning and a server testing that took the rest, there was little left to help with the 3 - 4 other assignments.

I just love how in the middle of it all, management, who I haven't heard in a week, insists on now and today. I say I swamped, they say "why?" How do you even answer such an answer?

So I didn't... resolved the emergencies, and went for a walk at a park to recharge. It worked.

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