Gotta #confess...

I miss the sounds of hard disks clicking.

It was such great auditory feedback regarding your computer's state, and it was so great to HEAR your computer working.

Haven't had one as a primary/boot disk since 2014 or earlier.

Of course, they were pretty quiet by then.

I don't miss my screaming 20MB miniscribe so much.

Well... maybe even that one. X"-D

cc: @dfloyd888 @RS_Naifeh

@RL_Dane @dfloyd888 there's this guy who created starwars theme from clicking hard drivers, 3.5 floppy disks, and printer sounds.

(I'm sure it's well known, but still so so awesome. He has others)

@RL_Dane @dfloyd888

Actually, sorry, I stand corrected - I posted fast and this was just someone else ripping his vids.

Here's sweet dreams by the guy himself, Paweł Zadrożniak. He's pretty famous -- and it's easy to see why. Look at that thing! amazing.

@jtr @dfloyd888

Stepper motors in all kinds of devices for the win!

(Not actually hard disks, though, I think the arm actuation motors are more akin to servo motors, but very precise and very fast)

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