@ryuslash another question for ya.

Trying to get my blog, linked on my profile, to be "verified" like yours. I included the bit of code (the "rel") on my website and I see it in the source. Yet, still nothing.

How do you get it work? What did you do? Curious.

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@jtr @ryuslash

not sure if it matters, but formally your 'rel' and 'href' values in the link element
should be "quoted"

@jtr you forgot to start it with https://

The https gets removed once rendered in the profile so maybe you thought it was not necessary

@joel This is a hugo problem. My index.html is written correctly (with https://) and also with " " where they need to be. When it gets pushed through netify, it seems to lose that.

@joel nope, this is a netify issue. Hugo, when I create the site locally, creates it correctly. It's after it gets published through netify that the URL gets stripped

@jtr @joel hmmm, I don't know how to fix that. I've never used or heard of netify. My site is just a collection of org files that I publish and rsync onto my vps.

I don't understand why netify would strip the protocol like that...

@jtr @joel oh I just found how to view source on my phone and the https is there. I must have misunderstood.

@ryuslash @joel there was a place where it took out the https as well. I replaced it and put it in the head. Html file which made that stay, but not the quotes

@jtr @ryuslash why is the website link in your profile still not clickable tho? Are u sure you added https:// to that?

@jtr @ryuslash look how it looks my profile and look at yours, it's not even a link

@jtr @ryuslash I'm gonna be really mad if that fixes it because it's literally the first thing I told you to do :blobcatderpy:

I forgive you though :blobfoxheart:

@joel @ryuslash I had it saved yesterday I must have messed it up somehow. Just changed it...

@jtr btw I tried to import your gpg key but it tells me you have no user id and I can't import it

maybe that's why you get no emails :blobcatderpy:

@joel ok I need to do some work with my profile this is odd with the gpg

@jtr @joel I see the same. Setting up OpenGPG Web Key Directory might be something worth looking into. It's a way of publishing your keys to your web site in a manner which email clients autodetect.

@joel so not sure what the issue is there...

I have it there with a user name (JayTee R) on opengpg. I never really used it but it worked before.

@joel hmm ok I think I found the issue... working on it

@joel still an issue? I registered my email with it now.

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