I never actually wrote an #introduction on here. Mostly because I hate writing about myself like this. But here goes.

I'm a programmer and #freesoftware enthusiast. I've been using #linux as my main desktop and #emacs as my... everything... since 2008. I started off with a lot of distro hopping, my journey took me through #ubuntu, #fedora, #zenwalk, #gentoo, and #exherbo before settling on #archlinux, now with #guix on top.

@ryuslash welcome Tom.... come take a chair.... become part of us... one of usss.... usssssss



@ryuslash reading through your stuff, found the concept of a digital garden. You suggest mastering Emacs as such.

While I'm not sure I'm "sold" on the idea, I agree most writers sort posts by date, and that's not the only way or the best way. It's an interesting discussion.

Makes me think of wikis, which are not date-oriented and convey information conceptually, but lack the personal touch of blogs (as they tend to be technical).

did you read @kensanata 's site? it's kind of like that.

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@jtr @kensanata Yeah, there is definitely a big overlap with wikis. To be honest I really like the idea from a writing perspective, I don't know if I would like it from a reader's perspective. I'm thinking of manually adding an RSS feed so that it can still be followed easily. Mastering Emacs has that too. And for the moment I still have an actual blog.

Really this different way of looking at it is something I hope will help me write more, although so far no luck.


I haven't read @kensanata's site, no, but I've seen it and I know he loves his wikis. I'll have to look at it some more, though. So far I'm not quite happy with a full wiki either, I've tried it before with Ikiwiki. I do love the concept of wikis.

I don't think a wiki has to be less personal, does it? It just depends on what you write in there?

@ryuslash @kensanata

Adding to this thought: with a non-chronological blog as primary focus, you can also go *back* to old posts and add supplements.

Some people do this, sure, and it's not like you need a "permission" to do this. However, if you look at your blog as a collection of thoughts and ideas, it's easier to come back to them later, reflect, and/or develop.

I like this more and more.

@jtr Well, I'd say that I started out as a wiki but these days I might as well just call it a blog, since almost all the pages are "date pages". Effectively the tags end up being the topics. The problem with wikis is that they accumulate all the detritus over decades (I started my wiki in 2003) and I don't rework all the pages. If they all live in the Wiki Now, that doesn't really work, and it doesn't work for feed readers, either. It was actually feed readers that made me realise that Recent Changes was not good enough. Now my default RSS feed gets a full feed of the latest day pages only. I don't publish essays in a digital garden, like Greta Goetz, for example → gretzuni.com/

@kensanata I had a quick look around your site and I quite liked the combination of fixed pages with dated sections/pages on them.


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